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Business Monitoring

Business monitoring - woman works on the computer

Keep an eye on your EDI  business processes via Business Monitoring!

EDITEL’s EDI business monitoring tool has been created to comprehensively monitor and control all business processes that are key for the communication between your company and your business partners.

You will have an overview of all exchanged electronic documents, if the transfer was successful and if the included information is accurate.

For instance, the system enables you to match quantities indicated in an order with the respective information in the despatch advice, order confirmation and invoice, thus ensuring the correct process flow. Discrepancies will be immediately detected and communicated via e-mail notifications. Business Monitoring features include also the visual display of workflows as graphical charts, customized reports (available online or delivered automatically via e-mail) as well as functionalities such as document tracking, status information or the management of electronic signatures.

Benefits EDI Business Monitoring

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