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Publication of information provided in compliance with § 24, § 25 Austrian Media Act and § 5 Austrian eCommerce Act

Owner, publisher and media owner: EDITEL Austria GmbH
Registered office: Vienna Address: Brahmsplatz 3, 1040 Vienna
+43-1-5058602 Fax: +43-1-5058602-830 E-Mail: info@editel.at
Commercial register number: FN 312252w
Register court: Commercial Court Vienna
VAT identification number: ATU 64397478
Chamber: Chamber of Commerce Vienna
Chief Executive Officer: Mag. Gerd Marlovits
Distribution of ownership: Sole owner of EDITEL Austria GmbH (100%) is GS1 Austria GmbH
Type of Business: Services in the field of automatic data processing and information technology, enterprise consulting activities.
Purpose of this website: This website provides information on the activities and developments of EDITEL Austria GmbH, their products and other EDITEL services.
Photos: © GS1 Austria/Peter Svec, © Petra Spiola, Fotolia - © Rolf Langohr, © Pixel, © www.the-dude.co.uk, © Fineas, © Pearlfisher, © Art Allianz | istockphoto - Luis Pedrosa, polygraphus, © IvelinRadkov | istockphoto, © ExQuisine, © froxx, © Syda Productions, © Terriana, © vege - Fotolia.com; © Beboy, © Erik Khalitov, © GlobalStock, © kupicoo, © OJO_Images, © polygraphus – iStockphoto.com; Illustrationen nach: © alexsl, © Model-la – iStockphoto.com, © alvarez| istockphoto
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