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Successful business communication with System Clair

Firmenzentrale von System Clair

A clean solution…

…is what the Upper Austrian company System Clair offers thanks to its cleaning products. The company’s successful business communication with its clients is yet another clean solution.

Strict adherence to hygiene measures and a clean work environment are top priorities in the F&B and healthcare industries, now more than ever given the recent pandemic. Particularly in large enterprises, effective and high-quality cleaning products are key, such as those distributed by System Clair. The company, founded in 1996 in Marchtrenk, Upper Austria by brothers Roland and Peter Schrögenauer, supplies renowned clients from industries including F&B and workshops as well as spas. Their product range includes cleaning chemicals, industrial and hygiene papers, dispenser systems, and cleaning accessories. “Our policy is to only include the highest quality products in our range to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction,” says managing director Roland Schrögenauer.

“Furthermore, we focus on efficient and smooth operations in collaboration with our clients, and we are always willing to go the extra mile to meet their needs and requirements.”

Unobtrusively successful

A good example of this is the collaboration with HOGAST, a purchasing cooperative for the hotel and F&B industry, which required an EDI connection for conducting business with System Clair. To meet this requirement, Roland Schrögenauer first turned to his ERP partner Winfo Data, whose system “Modern Office” he has been using for years to manage his inventory. Given their long-standing partnership, Winfo Data also relied on its collaboration with EDITEL to help System Clair. “When it comes to automated data exchange, we have relied on EDITEL as a software company since 2015. Over time, we have implemented various interfaces together, thus ensuring that the business processes of our clients with their business partners are fast, reliable, and error-free,” explains Günter Winterstätter, managing director of Winfo Data. This goal was also achieved for System Clair last year after setting up an EDI interface in the ERP system: since then, the company exclusively exchanges its price lists, dispatch advices, and invoices with HOGAST electronically. When asked about the implementation of the project, Roland Schrögenauer says: “I didn’t even notice it happening; Winfo Data and EDITEL handled everything for us – and in the end, everything worked perfectly!” That’s the way to do it, right?

In brief

  • EDI integration into the Winfo Data ERP system “Modern Office”
  • Implementation of an EDI interface
  • Creation of mappings
  • Testing phase and ongoing coordination with ERP partner and client as well as their partner (HOGAST)
  • Used message types: PRICAT, DESADV, INVOIC

About System Clair Reinigungsbedarf GmbH

Logo System ClairThe company based in Marchtrenk, Upper Austria, has been successfully operating in the cleaning product industry for 27 years. System Clair‘s product range includes cleaning chemicals, industrial and hygiene papers, dispenser systems, and cleaning accessories, primarily supplying the manufacturing industry, F&B, workshops, and spas.

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