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Facility Management

About the industry

Facility management is the link between humans, workplaces, and technology. Also called building management or technical services, facility management allows for smooth daily operations and maintenance of offices, hospitals, residential buildings and many other real-estate holdings. In order for all processes to work flawlessly, a large number of elements must work together in unison, starting from the building concept, the interior design all the way to the scheduling of daily janitorial services.

Industry challenges

When broken down into individual processes, this means that information must be transmitted to the correct party accurately and in a timely manner. Then, it must be efficiently processed by the in-house system. This applies to any information, ranging from article-related information for orders or deliveries, security information for cleaning products or energy consumption data as required by the Energy Efficiency Act that recently came into effect in Austria.

The benefits of EDI

Standardized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which has been successfully used in the consumer goods industry for 30 years, has enormous potential to efficiently map these processes now and in the future and to make communication between business partners easier than ever. :

  • A single data standard for the entire industry
  • Automated order processes including invoicing to clients
  • Automated invoice review
  • Simplified merchandise receiving and merchandise traceability
  • Allows for accurate demand and production planning
  • Less manual effort and fewer mistakes regarding security-relevant data, e.g. safety information
  • etc.

In short

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