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EDI Services for IGEFA

The situation

IGEFA’s range of products is vast, from disposable coffee cups to cleaning products and protection gear. As a full-service provider in the facility services business, the company delivers to renowned clients in the facility management industry in a total of 23 European countries. One of the largest challenges regarding IGEFA’s logistics processes was the frequent change in article master data because client-specific requirements translated into a continuous flow of different products. Things are especially challenging when new projects are introduced. IGEFA needed to optimize its logistics processes. This is where EDI came in.

Thanks to EDI, our orders are now processed automatically and error-free, which increases the efficiency of our entire logistics process. Oliver Raddatz, EDI team leader.

The solution

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) did the trick: IGEFA can now exchange article master data by accessing the electronic price catalogue (PRICAT). This makes article maintenance obsolete because PRICAT is automatically updated thanks to EDI. Any changes to the product, e.g. prices or possible discontinued products, are reflected in real time. The ongoing transfer of master data also has a positive effect on the data quality of placed orders (ORDERS).

As a next step, IGEFA plans to use EDI in other areas as well. One example is transferring links for displaying pictures in the PRICAT for an article in question. This is currently being implemented. An additional step will be embedding links for direct access to warnings and instructions for the use of cleaning products. Data for all cleaning devices, chemical products and other equipment will be transferred. The accuracy of such data is a decisive element when it comes to ensuring that products are used correctly by staff members and to avoiding widespread damage or even health hazards. Just like in the case of the order process, all data will be transferred via eXite®, the EDI platform by EDITEL, which offers a large optimization potential for many processes in the facility management business.

Benefits thanks to EDI at IGEFA

  • Optimizes the entire procurement of goods process
  • Accurate and updated article master data
  • Centralized management
  • Saves time and money
  • High data quality and transparency
  • New business partners, both national and international, can be connected easily
  • Minimizes the risk for mistakes (manual data recording becomes obsolete)
  • Relies on the EDI platform eXite® for customized facility management solutions


As the leading European specialized wholesale corporation, IGEFA serves large clients with high-quality products and services in the areas of cleaning and hygiene, personal care and medical devices, hotel cosmetics, work protection gear, disposable packaging, F&B products as well as office and store equipment. IGEFA is a holding company that consists of family-operated businesses and has successfully been doing business for more than four decades.

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