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EDI Communication for Hotel Neue Post

The situation

Prior to the introduction of EDI, everyday business at Hotel Neue Post meant having invoices, vouchers, cancellations, discounts, payment confirmations and many other documents sent back and forth, printed and faxed between the front desk, housekeeping, kitchen, technicians and, not to forget, the involved suppliers. On top of that, everything had to be entered into the ERP system. Since the manual entry of information translated into high error levels and involved a lot of time and resources, management decided to look for an efficient and safe alternative to paper documents.

The solution

Thanks to the electronic exchange of order, delivery and invoice data via EDI, Hotel Neue Post succeeded in optimizing the entire purchasing chain while significantly reducing administrative work involved in data processing. In collaboration with the EDI provider EDITEL, Hotel Neue Post started the project by implementing the exchange of article master data, orders, invoices, despatch advices and invoices.

As for myself and the accounting department, I can say that we’ve made paperless document processing a reality thanks to Electronic Data Interchange. Harald Bruckner, managing director.

All of the above are transmitted via eXite®, the EDI platform by EDITEL, which allows Hotel Neue Post to reach all its suppliers via a single connection. When it came to connecting its business partners, including AGM and Salesianer MIETTEX, to name just a few, the hotel relied on the expertise of the EDITEL staff, which made the implementation swift and efficient.

Benefits thanks to EDI at Hotel Neue Post

  • Reduced administrative effort
  • Optimizes the entire purchasing process
  • High transparency regarding corporate indicators and cost accounting
  • Structured processes
  • Information available immediately

About Hotel Neue Post

After extensive renovations, the four-star Hotel Neue Post reopened in 2007. This hotel has more than 100 rooms and features all facilities and amenities both for vacationers and business travelers attending seminars, including conference rooms and restaurants.

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