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Supply Chain Finance – automated and efficient pre-payments

Electronic invoicing with integrated Supply Chain Finance

Electronic invoicing with integrated Supply Chain Finance

EDITEL now offers you the option of conveniently managing your financing of EDI invoices. e-discounting, developed in collaboration with Intermarket, the specialized institute of Erste Group and Sparkassen, is the ideal solution for the automated and efficient pre-payment of your electronic invoices.

Guaranteed liquidity

e-discounting involves your selling all accounts receivable (from selected clients) to Intermarket Bank who will transfer the outstanding amounts to your account, which can be done immediately upon request. This allows you to adapt the amount of advance payments for the accounts receivables you have sold to match your financial needs on a daily basis using the e-discounting portal.

According to the authorization by you given, your elec-tronic invoices will be shared with your clients and a copy of the invoices with Intermarket Bank. The exchange of the documents takes place in real time via eXite®, the EDI service by EDITEL. As usual, eXite® ensures the safety and traceability of exchanged data. This gives you the option of receiving up to 100% of the amount due as an advance payment. Nothing will change for your clients: your invoices will look the same as always and your outstanding payments will be transferred directly to your account at Erste Bank or Sparkasse. This will allow you to improve your liquidity instantly. In addition, it will take your accounting to the next level.

Your benefits with e-discounting

  • Improved liquidity, better balance sheet image
  • More efficient invoicing and accounting
  • Reduces mistakes and costs less time and money
  • Increased transparency and control
  • Outstanding invoices will be paid, immediate payment option available upon request
  • Higher equity ratio

Just follow these easy steps*:

  1. You will deliver your goods to your clients just like you did before and continue invoicing via EDI-INVOIC.
  2. Your invoice will simultaneously be sent to your clients and Intermarket Bank. Electronic invoices will securely be transferred via the EDI service eXite®.
  3. Intermarket Bank will purchase your accounts receivable and will make an advance payment of up to 100% (incl. VAT), which can be done immediately upon request.
  4. Your clients will make payments to your account the same way they did previously.
  5. Payments will be automatically transferred to Intermarket Bank.*Provided that you use a business account as a clearing account with Erste Bank or Sparkasse. Payments from your clients that are covered by your e-discounting agreement will automatically be forwarded to you.

About Intermarket Bank


Intermarket Bank is a subsidiary of Erste Group Bank AG and specializes in accounts receivable purchasing. It is an experienced and strong expert on the local market with a focus on factoring.

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