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EDI Communication

Simple and secure exchange of business documents

For information exchange between companies to succeed, it needs to be secure, reliable and traceable. The EDI platform eXite® by EDITEL is a guarantee for this since more than 30 years.

eXite® is one of the largest international EDI networks. Every year, more than 15,000 companies process more than 300 million transactions via the EDI platform. A connection to eXite® will cover all your communication processes with each and every one of your business partners. All business documents such as electronic orders, despatch advices, invoices and others will be transferred in real time, secure and reliable. This means that you will no longer be wasting time using traditional communication channels such as phone, fax or e-mail.

Your benefits

  • Reliable transmission of business documents in real time
  • One single connection for all business partners
  • Maximum data security and availability
  • Traceability of all transactions
  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • Available across industries and borders
  • Based on GS1 and EDI standards

Our fail-safe infrastructure as well as our comprehensive transaction logs (access, activities, transmissions, ...) guarantee maximum security and traceability. All data is archived at several high security centers operated by our technology partner IBM.

The EDITEL EDI platform eXite®, is a perfect choice for businesses looking to create or manage an international yet centralized EDI infrastructure. eXite® allows you to reach all your business partners in any country via a single connection.

In addition, EDITEL will provide expertise regarding the local market as well as on-site support services. Our partner management has been created to connect new business partners swiftly and efficiently. We also take into account specific legal requirements in the respective countries (e.g. for e-invoice/e-billing).

One connection to all partner with eXite®
One connection to all partner with eXite®