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EDIFACT Messages

What does an EDIFACT message look like?

Which EDI-based message types exist?

EDI is widely used for procurement of goods, which includes everything related to ordering processes, delivery processes and invoicing relying on the following EDIFACT / EANCOM® messages:

You have the option of adding the following to the basic processes (sales management, inventory management, bank orders, etc.), which will allow you to take the automation level at your company to the next level:

  • Delivery Forecast Message (DELFOR)
  • Instruction to despatch (INSDES)
  • Instruction to transport (IFTMIN)
  • Order response (ORDRSP)
  • Order change (ORDCHG)
  • Inventory report (INVRPT)
  • Sales Report (SLSRPT)
  • Return Announcement  (RETANN)
  • Article master data / price catalogue (PRICAT)
  • Remittance Advice (REMADV)
  • Commercial Dispute Message (COMDIS)
  • Multiple Payment Message (PAYMUL)
  • Multiple Credit Message (CREMUL)
  • Notification Message
    • Application Error and Acknowledgement (APERAK)
    • Control message (CONTRL)

… and many more

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