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EDI Integration

edi integration - digital connection worldwide

Rely on an EDI solution that is integrated into your own ERP system to take the efficiency of your supply chain to the next level.

Whether it is for ordering, invoicing (e-Invoice) or warehouse management, automated procurement of goods processes will save money and resources every step of the way:

  • Significantly less data processing work
  • Reliable processing thanks to high data quality
  • Improved collaboration with business partners
  • Increased efficiency in all areas

EDITEL has a wide range of EDI solutions available to facilitate the seamless integration of your B2B processes. All our solutions are customized to meet your company’s needs. Depending on your needs, our integration solutions can be provided as managed EDI services, outsourced option (submIT) or as an in-house solution (edisuITe).

The benefits of EDI integration

EDI integration for the FMCG industry

High order frequency and short delivery times, ever-changing market conditions and high competitive pressure, tight production cycles with growing product ranges – this is the FMCG industry in a nutshell. All of the above calls for a reliable and fail-safe supply chain that allows different ERP and inventory management systems to communicate with each other. An integrated solution is required to meet these challenges with lasting effect, especially if a growing number of business partners exists.

EDI integration for the automotive industry

EDITEL offers comprehensive and customized options for the integration of your manufacturing processes. A single flexible platform allows you to communicate with all business partners, keep an eye on all your latest workflows, reduce cycle times, and ensure smooth and traceable processes. All EDI standards relevant for the automotive industry are available, which provides maximum flexibility for communication processes with your business partners.


  • No manual data entry required
  • EDITEL’s onboarding service allows for the swift connection of partners (TIER1, TIER2, TIER3, etc.)
  • Shorter production cycle times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved inventory overview
  • Maximum security standards

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