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EDI in the automotive industry

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EDI allows for the perfectly coordinated and standardized exchange of logistics information between OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and their suppliers.

EDI in the automotive industry

JIT, JIS and Lean Production – there is hardly any other industry where smooth processes are as relevant as in the automotive industry. Emerging trends such as e-mobility and digitalization add another layer of complexity to the supply chain. The solution for all these challenges lies in a common language: EDI!

Given high customer demands regarding quality and high time pressure, the automotive industry is one of the most challenging industries for automated procurement of goods processes. After all, for Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) production, many different components need to be assembled along the production chain, and they all need to be at the right place at the right time.

Future e-mobility, connected driving, and digital services also have an impact on production processes. Just take the fact that the introduction cycle for new products is shorter than ever, products are increasingly complex, and variability is growing. In addition, the percentage of electronics and software in cars increases the risk for callbacks.

Mastering the challenges of today and tomorrow

The key for mastering all these special challenges in the automotive industry lies first and foremost in smooth coordination between OEMs and suppliers along the entire supply chain. This is the only way of ensuring lean and efficient production line processes.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a great ally to make this happen. This high-performance and robust technology has been successfully used in the automotive industry for decades. After all, EDI is the most efficient and quickest way for business partners to exchange documents, independently of where they are located.

EDI is not only the answer to PRESENT-DAY challenges in the automotive industry such as:

  • High quality demands and time pressure
  • Fastest possible update of delivery forecasts
  • Processing and meeting clients’ delivery specifications
  • Indicating the correct IDs for articles, packaging, delivery locations, etc.
  • Specifications for generating of logistics labels (for example GTL – Global Transport Label)
  • Complying with legal and tax-law requirements

…but it is also the answer to FUTURE challenges:

  • Ever shorter product cycles
  • Unexpected delivery and merchandise bottlenecks
  • Impact of innovations such as KI, Cloud, Big Data, and IoT
  • E-mobility – incorporating new generations of vehicles into existing production structures
  • Emergence of new and complex digital ecosystems (e.g., when established suppliers work with new ones)

Solutions for all requirements

Several options for EDI communication exist, depending on the given situation and requirements. EDI integration, for example, is a solution for sending and receiving documents directly via a company’s own ERP system thanks to a direct connection with the business partners’ systems. Web EDI is a great choice for small partners who do not have their own ERP system. It allows them to exchange EDI messages via the web-based interface of an EDI platform.

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EDI integration for integrated processes

EDI integration is a solution for sending and receiving documents directly via a company’s own ERP system thanks to a direct connection with the business partners’ systems. All EDI standards relevant for the automotive industry are available, which provides maximum flexibility for communication processes with your business partners.

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Web EDI for the automotive industry

Web EDI is a straightforward and inexpensive option for users to exchange documents with their business partners. Web EDI is also a great choice for connecting automobile suppliers to large manufacturers (OEMs). Suppliers will be ready to use Electronic Data Interchange immediately without the need to install any complex IT infrastructure.

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The most widely used EDI standards in the automotive industry

  • DELFOR (delivery forecast)
  • ASN (advanced shipping notice) / DESADV (despatch advice)
  • DELJIT (delivery just-in-time)
  • RECADV (goods receipt message)
  • INVOIC (order)

Learn more in our EDI glossary

Clients in the automotive sector

News and interesting information about EDI in the automotive industry

Multi storey car parkEDI-based processes between automobile suppliers and OEMs

Mobility is something we can no longer do without. We all want to get from A to B swiftly and easily, we want to be safe and of course comfortable. To succeed in the automotive industry, nothing can be left to chance because smooth supply chain processes are decisive.

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EDI-for-automotive-lCommunication via a single centralized node at Alpha

The first and main goal was to integrate the company’s internal processes and to set up the data exchange with TIER1 and OEM customers. EDITEL suggested the use of the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator in order to implement the communication requirements defined by Alpha Vehicle Security Solutions Czech s.r.o.

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Welding robots automotive industryImplementation of EDI communication at GEWE-TEC SK

The implementation of EDI communication became one of the main priorities. Doing business in today’s automotive industry without EDI is no longer an option. The first business partner that was connected to the system was a TIER 1 company, which is a direct supplier to Porsche or Audi.

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Why choose EDITEL?

EDITEL has more than 40 years’ experience as an international EDI service provider with a strong presence in the CEE area. Thanks to the 2018 merger with TELEDIN, a Czech company that specializes in the automotive industry, EDITEL now operates a highly specialized competence center for the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

This is a key factor in the automotive supply chain and a decisive competitive advantage for clients of any size. The team of EDI experts at EDITEL has in-depth expertise in widely used standards in the industry and a deep understanding of all processes in this ever-changing industry.

We rely on this solid expertise and experience to provide highly professional and customer-oriented assistance in all things EDI for the benefit of our clients and business partners. This makes us the perfect choice for the implementation of any concept or solution for supply chain automation in the automotive industry.

We will be more than happy to assist you in finding a customized solution that fits your needs. Contact EDITEL

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