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EDI in the automotive industry

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About the automotive industry

The automotive industry is and has always been a major driver of economic growth. The industry covers many business areas, ranging from manufacturing to logistics for original parts and accessories to the complete production of vehicles. Globalization is the main influencing factor in the industry, which requires a high degree of coordination among individual businesses that are usually based all over the world. Austria and CEE countries are regarded as highly relevant players in the provision of automotive parts and in the development of new technologies. Upcoming trends such as e-mobility, digitalization, autonomous driving, CO2 emissions and many more translate into new and multifaceted challenges for the industry.

Smooth processes

DGiven the required seamless coordination between several automotive subcontractors, logistics partners and manufacturers, the automotive industry is one of the most challenging industries for automated procurement of goods processes (JIT=Just-in-time; JIS=Just-in-sequence) . In addition to quality, in-time delivery and transparent logistics processes, a high degree of flexibility and short response times are key for getting all parts to the production line at the right time. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a great ally to make this happen. After all, smooth EDI communication allows for the successful implementation of complex processes and gives automotive businesses the competitive edge they need.

Benefits of EDI

EDI allows for a well-coordinated and standardized exchange of logistics-related information between OEMs and their suppliers.

  • Speeds up order processing
  • Allows for exact demand and production planning
  • Improves data quality
  • Lowers transaction costs for logistics processes
  • Transparent and traceable data
  • Smooth “just in time“ communication
  • Swift and intuitive connection of new suppliers
  • Traceability across the entire production chain

Most frequently used EDI messages

  • DELFOR (delivery forecast)
  • ASN (advanced shipping notice) / DESADV (despatch advice)
  • DELJIT (delivery just-in-time)
  • RECADV (receiving advice)
  • INVOIC (invoice)

Customers in the automotive sector

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