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Implementation of EDI communication at GEWE-TEC SK

Automation in the automotive industry - Implementation of EDI communication at GEWE-TEC SEK

GEWE-TEC SK: a smooth start into the automotive world thanks to EDI

The Slovak subsidiary of the German company GEWE-TEC, a successful player in the automotive industry, was established recently. Right from the start, the company thoroughly evaluated its needs, especially when it comes to meeting its clients’ specifications. Ultimately, the implementation of EDI communication became one of the main priorities because doing business in today’s automotive industry without it is no longer an option. After exploring the options available on the market, GEWE-TEC decided to talk to the company EDITEL SK, which proposed the ideal EDI solution via the cloud platform eXitePRO – CCF.

GEWE-TEC uses the SAP information system for its production and business activities, with consulting services provided by the company NGCC s.r.o. Production, logistics and business documents are also created and processed in the SAP ERP. Since this system was ready to receive and generate data in IDOC formats, the integration of the information system with the eXitePRO – CCF platform was very swift. The eXitePRO – CCF service itself subsequently provides data conversion to the necessary EDI formats as well as connection to external customers or subcontractors via various communication protocols.

“For us, EDITEL is a business partner who not only designed and subsequently implemented the connection of our information system to the world of EDI, but also provides us with post-implementation support and expert assistance on our other operational requirements,“ said Günter Welik, CEO of GEWE-TEC SK s.r.o.

The first business partner that was connected to the system was a TIER 1 company, which is a direct supplier to Porsche or Audi. The exchange of EDI messages of the VDA4905 type takes place via the OFTP2 connection, so-called recalls or VDA4915, so-called fine recalls or also delivery notes in VDA4913 format.

“The implementation of Global DELFOR recalls (VDA4984) and Global DESADV delivery notes (VDA4987) is also currently being completed. All data is converted and transferred fully automatically from and to the SAP ERP and then transferred to subcontractors via EDI. A connection with another important TIER 1 customer is also being developed via data messages DELFOR and DESADV in the EDIFACT format,” said Štefan Sádovský, CEO of EDITEL CZ&SK.


Gewe-tec-logoGEWE-TEC entered the Slovak market under the flag of the parent company based in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. The company connects a large network of customers and suppliers from the automotive industry and supports its partners in the fields of project management, services, tools, fuel injection, and logistics. The company has an extensive service portfolio tailored to clients’ needs. It also participates in national and international networks of the automotive and supply industry.

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