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Communicating via EDI without an integrated EDI connection, is that even possible? It is! All it takes are special web-based solutions. The only thing needed for the easy and cost-effective exchange of electronic business documents with trading partners is Internet access.

EDI portals are a great option when one or more trading partners in a business relationship – whether they are on the customer or supplier side – are not EDI ready.

Reliable data transfer in the correct EDI format is ensured at all times. After all, data transfer runs via EDITEL’s EDI platform eXite®, which has been a tried-and-tested tool for more than 40 years.

Depending on your specific requirements, the following options are available:

Web-EDIDo you have a small to medium sized business with a low document volume or do you not have your own ERP system?

Go to Web EDI solution


LieferantenportalDo you have an integrated EDI solution while some of your suppliers are not EDI ready?

Go to supplier portal solution

KundenportalWould you like to receive orders and purchase orders electronically even from your non-EDI-ready customers or from your outside sales representatives?

Go to customer portal solution

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