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Über ein Laptop digital Geschäfte abwickeln - mit Web-EDI

Web EDI is a great choice for small companies or start-ups that either have low document volumes or no ERP system of their own.

To use a Web EDI portal, all that is needed is Internet access, which makes the exchange of electronic business data with trading partners a straightforward and inexpensive process.

You will be ready to use EDI immediately after creating your account and you will be able to perform Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with retail partners such as BILLA, dm drogeriemarkt, METRO, SPAR, MPREIS, and many others. Data is transferred in the correct EDI format via the EDI platform eXite®, ensuring that all electronic business documents are safely delivered and received.

For trading companies, EDITEL’s web EDI portal is a great choice because it allows them to also reach SMEs via EDI (-> see supplier portal)

The Web EDI solution tradeIT supports the following message formats:

The benefits of Web EDI

  • No need to install anything
  • Inexpensive
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Electronic handling of the entire order-to-cash process
  • Very user friendly
  • Export, print, and download in PDF format
  • Multiple languages available

Read on to learn when an integrated EDI solution might still be a better option for you:

Time for a changeIs it time for a change?

Even a reliable technology like EDI sometimes calls for a change. One case in point is switching from Web EDI to an integrated solution. When does it make sense to take this step? And how do you go about it?


Small and big hands touchingWeb EDI for SMEs

Have you heard about Web EDI and were you wondering if it would be a good choice for your business? Or was a Web EDI connection recommended to you as a good entry-level solution?


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