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Customer portal

Bestellungen digital aufgeben - Kundenportal buyIT

The EDI online portal for connecting SMEs or for use by outside sales representatives

Would you like to receive orders and purchase orders electronically even from your non-EDI-ready customers or from your outside sales representatives? If the answer is yes, EDITEL’s web-based client portal buyIT may be just the right solution for you. It makes processing orders via EDI and integrating them into existing EDI processes a breeze.

Whether you plan to use buyIT as an order portal for customers or as an online tool for your outside sales representatives: we will customize it to fit your needs, both in terms of the desired design as well as product range, price lists, and discounts. An update service ensures that all information is always kept up to date.

Customer order portal

buyIT works similar to an online shop. Your customers log in and order via a user-friendly web interface. In addition, the order status can be tracked and invoices can be retrieved. With just a single connection to the EDI platform eXite®, all non-EDI-ready business partners will be on board.

EDI for outside sales representatives

buyIT is an online order portal that your employees can use to enter orders right away while still at the client’s office or shortly afterwards via PC or tablet. All they need is a working Internet connection.
The buyIT customer portal is not only a great option for entering orders, but also for keeping track of current prices, order volumes, free samples or returns while on the move. This ensures optimal service for existing and new customers alike.

Benefits of buyIT:

  • Integration into existing EDI processes
  • Automated update for product master data
  • Customized definition of product range, price lists, and discounts for every client
  • Minimum order volumes can be defined and saved
  • Automated order tracking
  • The following EDI processes are available:

Best practice:

BuyIT AußendienstOn the road with EDI

In addition to EDI with its fully automated order processes, another decisive sales channel is available to all manufacturers, whether they are in the food industry, drugstore or any other industry. It is a sales channel that is especially relevant when working with small-size business partners: personal contact via outside sales representatives.


EDI at Kotányi

The spice manufacturer Kotányi was one of the earliest adopters of EDI in Austria. Today, the company processes roughly 250,000 EDI transactions per year via eXite, the EDI platform by EDITEL. Among others, it allows the company to deliver orders received by 11 a.m. on the same day. |


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