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Supplier portal

Lieferungen digital dargestellt - symbolisiert die Abwicklung über das Lieferantenportal tradeIT

Data exchange with retailers made inexpensive and swift

Do you have suppliers who are not EDI ready for technical or financial reasons? Not a problem! Even with such suppliers, EDI communication is possible. All it takes is a web-based supplier portal that makes exchanging data with the client a breeze for all participants.

EDITEL’s tradeIT supplier portal is a particularly simple and cost-effective solution that can be conveniently accessed via any Internet connection. This allows every single business partner – regardless of whether they are EDI ready or not – to be included in digital business processes without the need to implement anything else.

When implementing a supplier portal, we recommend analyzing and standardizing all processes well in advance in order to guarantee a high level of user-friendliness for all parties involved. EDITEL will be happy to assist you!

Benefits of a supplier portal:

  • Ideal solution to reach smaller, non-EDI-ready companies via EDI
  • Inexpensive
  • Electronic handling of the entire order-to-cash process
  • User friendly
  • Adapts to the company-specific environment

Best practice:

SparWeb EDI portal for the SPAR supplier portal

A Web EDI solution developed specifically for the needs of suppliers helps improve processes at SPAR Austria. The platform is directly connected to SPAR’s supplier portal and enables a fully automated ordering process.


ISS AustriaEDI Services for ISS Austria

e-Invoice via EDI turned out to be just the solution ISS needed for the smooth automation of its invoicing processes. The connection to the EDI platform eXite® also ensures that electronic invoices among all business partners are exchanged safely and in a transparent manner via a single connection.


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