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EDI Services for ISS Austria

Fast and secure invoice receipt and invoice verification

Prior to implementing electronic invoicing processes, ISS received over 3,000 invoices per month by mail or fax. These had to be checked and processed manually, which led to a high potential for errors. This tied up a lot of human resources and time and increased the workload. To address this issue, ISS was looking to automate invoice processing and to introduce centralized invoice processing.

EDI invoices for ISS: smooth invoicing process

e-Invoice via EDI turned out to be just the solution ISS needed for the smooth automation of its invoicing processes. The connection to the EDI platform eXite® also ensures that electronic invoices among all business partners are exchanged safely and in a transparent manner via a single connection.

As an added benefit, incoming invoices can now be converted and processed automatically. Any irregularities will be detected immediately and can be corrected, significantly increasing the overall efficiency of the invoice verification process.

“The introduction of electronic invoicing processes has made all our invoicing processes faster, more efficient and more reliable. Our accounting workload has decreased by approximately half a workweek. The experts at EDITEL were great to work with during the implementation and connection with all business partners and ensured smooth project implementation.” – Harald Denk, Head of Country IT

The benefits of e-Invoice at ISS Austria

  • Automated invoicing processes
  • Faster invoice processing
  • A single interface for all business partners
  • Reduces error potential to a minimum
  • Reduces the amount of paper and the overall workload
  • Smooth collaboration with suppliers

EDI in F&B needs customized solutions

Under the “taste’njoy” brand, ISS Austria has also been offering premium employee catering at 20 locations since 2017. The suppliers for the catering business come from very different backgrounds, which means they also have different IT environments.  For the exchange of data – in the catering industry, this is primarily done with the article catalog (PRICAT) – ISS was looking for a solution that fit all needs, with the goal of communicating with all business partners in a single language. As a first step, an EDI solution by EDITEL which integrated directly into the ERP system was implemented for the procurement of goods process. This allows data to be exchanged with business partners who already have an existing EDI connection.

Supplier portal enables “EDI for all”

For all those suppliers for whom an integrated EDI solution is not an option for technical or financial reasons, a web-based supplier portal was set up. This means that every single business partner – regardless of whether they are EDI-ready or not – can be included in the digital business processes in a simple and cost-effective process. The only requirement is Internet access. As a result, ISS can now exchange orders (ORDERS), despatch advices (DESADV), and article catalogs (PRICAT) with all suppliers in a digital format.

“Our processes run much faster because we have eliminated all paper-based tasks and ultimately all manual input. We have found a highly functional solution that our suppliers are happy to embrace, which we mostly owe to the good collaboration with EDITEL.“
– Harald Denk, Head of Country IT

About ISS Österreich

ISS Austria is the market leader for facility services. With roughly 7,000 employees, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for office and industrial buildings as well as airports and healthcare facilities in the following areas: Cleaning (hygiene solutions), technical (building services), food (employee catering), security (security solutions) & support services (reception and internal support), workplace (workplace design), and IFS (integrated facility services). In 2021, ISS Austria achieved roughly EUR 280 million in sales at a total of 13 locations.

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