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OekoBusiness Award for GS1 Austria and EDITEL

GS1 Austria and EDITEL receive first-time recognition as “OekoBusiness Wien” from the City of Vienna

For the first time, the standardization specialist GS1 Austria and its subsidiary EDITEL, IT service provider for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), have been recognized as “OekoBusiness Wien” by Vienna’s City Councillor for Climate, Jürgen Czernohorszky. With this recognition, the City of Vienna honors companies that are particularly committed to environmentally friendly and socially responsible business practices. The two companies are not only setting an example in the areas of waste management, energy saving, climate protection, and mobility, but are also helping their clients digitize supply chains and be more sustainable with new technologies.

“The first-ever recognition from OekoBusiness Wien is an important milestone in our mission towards becoming a ‘Green Company’. And yet, it is not a one-time event, but a long-term project at GS1 and EDITEL”, said Gregor Herzog, CEO of GS1 Austria, who is clearly pleased about this development. GS1 standards help companies make business processes along the entire value chain more efficient, sustainable, and secure. In Austria, GS1 is, among other things, the official issuing body for EAN bar codes, which are ubiquitous in retail operations.

EDITEL is one of the leading international providers of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions. The company ensures that paper-based procurement processes are digitized in the areas of retail, consumer goods (FMCG), F&B, logistics, and many other industries. Optimization through EDI means that documents such as purchase orders, despatch advices, and invoices are transmitted digitally and in a machine-readable format. This not only saves a lot of paper and personnel expenses, but also avoids manual errors, making the supply chain easier to plan and more efficient in terms of resources and costs. “Our EDI solutions create a win-win situation for businesses and the environment. As a business, it goes without saying that we must be an example to follow. We are committed to making sustainable business practices a matter of course for our business clients as well,” says Gerd Marlovits, CEO of EDITEL Austria.

Certified by an expert jury, recognized by the City Councillor for Climate

In early 2022, GS1 Austria and EDITEL resolved to use targeted action to develop business processes that are as sustainable as possible. After a hearing in front of a jury of experts, the companies received the first recognition as “OekoBusiness Wien” from the City Councillor for Climate, Jürgen Czernohorszky, in the Vienna City Hall. The prerequisite was the successful implementation of environmental goals identified by the company. In a very short period of time, GS1 Austria and EDITEL managed to introduce a bundle of environmentally friendly measures in the areas of resource conservation, reusability, and mobility.

GS1 Austria and EDITEL make companies more sustainable

Going forward, business customers will benefit even more from the company’s focus on the mindful use of resources: EDITEL’s continuously evolving EDI technology helps businesses reduce their paper footprint by digitizing and automating supply chain processes. For instance, GS1 Austria’s services help companies switch to more sustainable packaging and introduce reusable solutions. By using traceability solutions such as “GS1 Trace,” businesses can make their supply chains more transparent. One case in point is the “EU digital product passport,” which will be mandatory for industrial batteries and batteries for electric vehicles from 2026. It enables companies to store and share standardized product information in a digital format. Ultimately, products and their components can be manufactured and kept in circulation in a more environmentally friendly manner. In addition, an optimized digital supply chain helps retailers, industrial caterers, and restaurants better plan the procurement of goods, avoid overly large order volumes, and thus waste less perishable food.

The press release “EDITEL and GS1 OkoeBusiness Wien” and accompanying images are also available for download.

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