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The History of EDITEL: from EDI to EDITEL Austria

80’ies – The Beginnings

Austrian trading companies and their suppliers already know about the many benefits of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The optimization and harmonization of the supply chain through standardized EDI-messages allows the increase of efficiency, quality and cost savings.

The necessary standards are the logistical basis for the exchange of structured data between business partners. With the global identification system of EAN Austria (GS1 Austria today) suppliers (GLN), products (GTIN) and transport units (SSCC) are labeled with standardized globally unique numeric codes.

1987 – Founding of ECODEX

Together with renowned Austrian companies, EAN Austria develops the secure eBusiness platform ECODEX (Electronic Commercial Data Exchange) for the standardized electronic exchange of business data. The platform is continuously being developed and adopted to the market requirements. Within a very short time period ECODEX becomes the biggest and most important EDI platform for the entire Austrian FMCG sector.

The communication basis is the standardized EAN / GS1 message type EANCOM®, a subset of the UN/EDIFACT standard (United Nations / Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport). At that time the EANCOM® message type includes more than 40 of the most important trading documents such as invoices, orders, dispatch advices, bank statements, transport orders et.al.

1990 to 2004 – Cross-industries and international

With over 60 million transactions ECODEX is the biggest EDI service in Austria. Soon the technology is not only applied in the FMCG sector but also do-it-yourself, furniture, pharmaceutical, transport / logistics as well as finance and administration. ECODEX no longer connects only customers in Austria. Via cooperations to foreign IT-providers, national companies exchange business data also with their international customers and partners.

2004 – ECODEX becomes eXite

After more than 16 operating years ECODEX becomes eXite® Business Integration Network. EAN Austria launches the newly developed platform in 2004. eXite® provides higher security, reliability, flexibility and state-of-the-art technology. With eXite® EAN Austria opens the gate to the EDI-future.

2008 – Founding EDITEL Austria

GS1 Austria (renamed from EAN to GS1 in 2005) hives off the eBusiness/eCom division and founds the fully owned subsidiary EDITEL Austria, which is responsible for the entire operative business of the eXite® platform.

2008 – today – Leading EDI-provider in Central and Eastern Europe

EDITEL expands continuously its EDI-services. In the meantime, the EDITEL Group is represented through subsidiaries and a comprehensive network of franchise partners across the entire Central and Eastern European region. EDITEL is headquartered in Austria and running its offices in Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The EDITEL product family provides solutions for companies of all sizes from SME to large enterprises. The objective of the EDITEL Group is to further open up the optimization potential with the use of EDI and to provide state-of-the-art data exchange between business partners.

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