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EDI in E-Government

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From ebInterface to XRechnung, digitalization is gaining ground at the federal government.

The term “e-goverment” has become synonymous with modern and efficient administration. On the EU level, the objective of e-government is defined as follows: “to improve public services and democratic processes through the use of information and communication technology and to facilitate the definition and implementation of public policy.”

Save money with standardized processes

New technology makes access to public authorities easier and the use of public services more efficient. Currently, this applies to manufacturers and suppliers whose invoices will soon be accepted in digital format only. Depending on the country, different approaches and data formats have been defined. In Austria, it is ebInterface and in Germany, XRechnung. Other countries, including Italy and Croatia, are currently in the midst of the implementation process.

The benefits of EDI in E-Government

Businesses that already use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) just need an additional interface to the federal government. EDITEL has developed a solution for submitting e-invoices to the federal government and to BBG via the EDI service eXite®. One of the advantages is that the data archiving required by law can also be done automatically. Depending on the amount of monthly invoices, smaller businesses that are not EDI-compatible can submit their invoices to the federal government via an online form, via manual upload of XML data or via an automated online service. For companies that do not create the required ebInterface/XML format in-house, EDITEL offers a conversion service  (GS1 EANCOM/EDIFACT, CSV, I-DOC etc.). As an official partner of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, EDITEL also offers comprehensive consultation services for preparing and implementing e-invoices to the federal government. This translates into added benefits:

  • Shorter processing and turnaround times
    • Allows clients to focus on their core business and to streamline their processes thanks to the automated delivery of invoices via the eXite® portal.
  • Reduction of handling and shipping costs
    • Envelope stuffing, affixing postage, posting letters at the post office, paper, envelope, postage all become obsolete
  • Reduced media disruptions
    • Minimizes error potential
  • Positive environmental effect
    • Less paper, reduced transportation

Electronic invoice standards in Europe

  • Austria: ebInterface
  • France: Factur-X
  • Germany: XRechnung, ZUGFeRD
  • Hungary: System NAV
  • Italy: FatturaPA
  • Poland: PEF (the PEF broker contract for the Ministry of Development and Technology is carried out by the PEF Expert consortium, which includes EDITEL Polska S.A.)
  • Portugal: SaftPT
  • Spain: FACTURAe
  • Sweden: Svefaktura
  • Switzerland: ZUGFeRCH
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