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Extending EDI in the pharmaceutical sector


EDI gains ground in the pharmaceutical sector

In today’s world, information technology continues to evolve and has become indispensable in the pharmaceutical sector. EDI systems play a crucial role in the efficient handling of transactions and communication processes. EDITEL SK plays a key role in supporting the digitalization and automation of processes.

EDI is transforming the pharmaceutical sector and enhancing its performance. This development is also evident in the EDI projects of Dr.Max, the largest pharmacy chain in Slovakia, and UNIPHARMA, one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors. These EDI implementations ensure that orders, dispatch advices, and invoices are processed faster and more accurately. This has a positive effect on the speed and quality of services for end clients.

EDI implementation at UNIPHARMA by EDITEL

Following the successful EDI implementation at Dr.Max, where electronic invoicing processes were actively implemented, UNIPHARMA is focusing on expanding these services. Currently, a pilot project is underway with Hama Plus s.r.o., which includes the management of business documents.

To take digitalization processes to the next level, continuous collaboration is key. Efforts are also being made to use the archiving system provided for UNIPHARMA for archiving documents outside of traditional EDI communication, thus offering a comprehensive solution for electronic document storage.

UNIPHARMA – one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Slovakia

“Our collaboration with EDITEL has opened the door to a new era of digital transformation at UNIPHARMA. Today, it’s more important than ever to ensure that our operations are as efficient as possible and our processes are optimized. EDITEL has provided exactly that. The implementation of the EDI solution was a real turning point for us – not only have we streamlined our internal processes, but we also expect a significant improvement in communication with our suppliers and clients,” explains Ľudovít Danko, IT director at UNIPHARMA.

Accelerating the entire process

One of the key outcomes of our collaboration with EDITEL is the significant acceleration of the entire order and invoicing process. Automation reduces the margin for error and increases the accuracy of transactions.

In addition to technological benefits, the EDI implementation also supports strategic decision-making. More accurate trade data are available, allowing for better planning and forecasting of future trends. This is especially crucial in the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, where rapid adaptation to changes is vital.

“The introduction of EDI goes beyond technology; it is ultimately about transforming our business processes. With EDITEL’s support, we have become more flexible and competitive. This collaboration not only helps us keep up but also stay ahead of the competition,” says Ľudovít Danko, emphasizing how digitalization and modern technologies are shaping the future of UNIPHARMA in the complex and heavily regulated pharmaceutical industry.


unipharma-logoUNIPHARMA is the first Slovak pharmacy joint-stock company and has been one of the largest distribution companies in the Slovak pharmaceutical market for many years. The company’s main activity is to distribute medications to all public and hospital pharmacies as well as health facilities throughout Slovakia, operating around the clock from three modern trade and distribution centers located in Bojnice, Bratislava, and Prešov. UNIPHARMA’s strategy, which is notably led by its clients – pharmacists – aims to maintain its position as the strongest distributor with the most extensive assortment on the Slovak pharmaceutical market and to continue building a multidimensional pharmacy distribution network.

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