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EDI Services for COCA-COLA HBC Austria

An optimized supply chain with eXite®

Coca-Cola HBC Austria strives to perfect its relationship with its clients, in an effort to ensure the very best performance on the market. Primarily, Coca-Cola HBC Austria relies on collaboration and partner-ships that translate into long-term added value and profitable business growth for both Coca-Cola HBC Austria and its clients in all distribution channels. For successful implementation, Coca-Cola HBC Austria uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and EDI services provided by EDITEL.

At Coca-Cola HBC Austria, EDI is used for order, delivery and invoicing processes as well as for inventory management, which helped optimize large parts of the logistics chain. This also includes the implementation of logistics concepts such as VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and CPRF (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment), where Coca-Cola HBC Austria in its role as supplier takes care of inventory planning for retail clients.

“By implementing EDI messages we ensure an efficient data exchange and a high level of process automation. This adds significantly to customer satisfaction.” – Dominik Jandl, EDI Manager

Successful implementation of e-Invoice

As part of REWE’s EDI initiative, Coca-Cola HBC Austria also implemented electronic invoice processing (e-Invoice). No downstream systems are required and all electronic invoice data is archived in the EDITEL archive. This ensures that all invoices are processed smoothly. In the case of a tax audit, data can be retrieved, viewed and downloaded via a user interface.

Another area in which Coca-Cola HBC Austria relied on the support of EDITEL was the successful implementation of invoicing processes to the federal government. For this purpose, data is converted into the ebInterface format required by the federal government and invoices are sent to the federal agencies in question in a safe and traceable manner. Without the need for any additional implementation, Coca-Cola HBC Austria can use its trusted eXite® interface to send invoices to the federal government.

DESADV in PDF format

In addition to PDF invoices, Coca-Cola HBC Austria also uses despatch advices (DESADV) in PDF format, with EDITEL being in charge of efficient converting and sending. Long before the delivery, information about unavailable products or any incorrect entries is provided, allowing for quick reactions. For Coca-Cola HBC Austria itself, this is an uninterrupted process without any system inconsistencies because data leave the company in the EDIFACT format, which is also used by all other EDI partners.

Top EDI performance in the HORECA industry

In recent years, EDI has been in high demand in the hotel and chain restaurant industry. The primary focus is the full automation of procurement of goods processes, ranging from orders (ORDERS) and despatch advices (DESADV) to invoices. Dussmann, EUREST, Sodexo and Interspar Restaurants are just a few companies and supply chain partners of Coca-Cola HBC Austria who have successfully introduced EDI as one of their key technologies.

Benefits thanks to EDI at Coca-Cola HBC Austria

  • A single connection (eXite®) to all business partners
  • Efficient business processes
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Implementation of innovative distribution and logistics concepts
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure
  • Secure and automated archiving of business data

About Coca-Cola HBC Austria

As one of the leading beverage partners in Austria, Coca-Cola HBC Austria serves the entire Austrian market with a full range of products created to match the needs of its roughly 60,000 clients, with service available 24/7.

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