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The new Web EDI Portal for SPAR suppliers

Full fruit and vegetable shelves in the supermarket - EDITEL's web EDI portal improves process flows

Fast and efficient EDI solution

A Web EDI solution developed specifically for the needs of suppliers helps improve processes for serving SPAR Austria.

Today‘s consumers have increasingly high ex­pectations regarding produce, which creates major challenges for retailers and their business partners. For example clients want their fruit and vegetables to be fresh off the fields, they expect top-notch quali­ty as well as the perfect degree of ripeness and they want sufficient amounts, too. In addition, they pre­fer regional and sustainably grown products. To meet these demands, suppliers need to scrutinize and optimize their logistics processes on a constant basis, even if these have worked well in the past.

Effortless communication presuppo­ses easy processes

SPAR has always made regional products and close collaboration with local partners a priority. Many business processes are now increasingly handled electronically, which opens up a lot of opportuni­ties regarding communication with regional sup­pliers while making previous communication pro­cesses obsolete.

“That is why EDITEL, our EDI partner of many years, and SPAR ICS, the IT service company of the SPAR Austria Group, teamed up in 2020 to develop a custom-fit solution,” said Michaela Eder, the EDI coordina­tor of SPAR Austria. “The introduction of such a system allowed us to simplify our procedures and improve communi­cation processes with our suppliers.”

The new Web EDI portal connects di­rectly to the SPAR supplier portal and allows for fully automated order pro­cesses. When SPAR places an order, the information leaves the company as an EDIFACT data set (ORDERS) via the data hub eXite® and reaches the supplier‘s Web EDI portal as a user-friendly order. Once the supplier has confirmed the order, an order confirmation message is sent back to SPAR and will then be directly integra­ted into SPAR‘s ERP system as a structured data set (ORDRSP).

One of the main challenges of this project was creating an updated data pool that matches SPAR‘s article and customer master data, which is key for Electronic Data Interchange.

Web EDI as a “small-scale ERP system”

Hermann Hadner, the EDI applications manager at SPAR, likes to call this solu­tion a “small-scale ERP system that includes the main components of EDI-supported communication proces­ses.” As planned, this successfully crea­ted an additional service for suppliers as an “out-of-the-box” solution for a swift and efficient connection to EDI.

The exchange of despatch advices and invoices

This project has laid the groundwork for the next logical steps, which is the exchange of despatch advices (DESADV) and invoices (INVOIC) via the Web EDI portal. This allows SPAR to achieve a consistent process without any system inconsistencies and potential errors, all of which makes life easier and better for all process participants.

About SPAR Austria

SPAR Austria Group is a privately owned Austrian family business that was established in 1954 in Kufstein (Tyrol). The company started out as a food retailer in Austria and over the past six decades has grown into a highly successful central European retail corporation with commercial activities in food retail, sporting goods retail, shopping centers in Austria and seven other countries. SPAR has a total of 3,250 locations and just under 90,000 employees. In 2020, the total sales of SPAR Austria Group reached EUR 16.6 billion. In Austria, SPAR operates 1,580 food retail stores and has net sales of EUR 8.32 billion.

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