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EDI services for Herlitz Hungária

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EDI has never been so vibrant

The Herlitz brand is vibrant, colorful and follows current trends. Over the past 100 years, its trusted school and office products have made it a world-famous and popular brand of stationery. The secret of its success lies, among other things, in the fact that it was the first to combine functional products with trendy design. Today, Herlitz offers a wide range of stationery products with a trendy look – and it’s not just its products that are up to speed with modern times.

It is no coincidence that innovation is one of the company’s key values. Herlitz Hungária Kft. has been using the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service for many years ever since the company decided to use this solution widely. For that purpose, a change was made to the ERP system while EDI orders and invoicing combined with web service communication were introduced. In  addition, PKI invoicing, for secure, authenticated, yet simple data transfer was implemented. ”Since we already had existing processes in place, we mostly focused on tailoring them to these EDI functions,“ said Mihály Gráf, IT Manager at Herlitz Hungária Kft.

The joint project with EDITEL Hungary lasted from December 2019 to March 2020. Herlitz decided to introduce eXite® precisely because they needed a product that could adapt well to the technological capabilities of their new ERP system, enabling them to take advantage of web service communication. eXite® is a comprehensive platform solution that covers many business processes ranging from EDI communication, EDI integration, e-invoicing, digital archiving, business monitoring all the way to web EDI. ”The biggest technical challenge was to implement the EDI / PKI function with web service communication concurrently with the ERP implementation, so that we could use it as soon as the system was in place,“ explained Mr. Gráf. “We chose EDITEL because of their excellent and flexible customer service. Luckily, collaboration between these two companies went smoothly since the start of the project, which has allowed us to meet tight deadlines.”

Since March 2020, Herlitz has been receiving orders and forwarding e-invoices through the new system. While nobody knows what the future, especially the year 2021, holds in store, one thing is for certain: thanks to the implementation of Electronic Data Interchange, Herlitz is all set to face any future challenges.

About Herlitz Hungária Kft.



Herlitz Hungária Kft. is a stationery wholesaler. The Budapest-based company, with annual sales of nearly HUF 1.5 billion, primarily serves the domestic market and sells exclusively to resellers. Herlitz, with its German roots, has earned a well-deserved place among Hungary’s most popular brands.

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