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Enterprise EDI application for VOX Capital Group


EDI is the key to the efficient world…

…of furniture! Especially if we take a look at VOX Capital Group, one of the most innovative companies in Poland’s furniture sector. Only in Poland? No! VOX solutions are available in more than 50 countries around the world, e.g., in the U.S., Australia, and Taiwan. In Poland, this furniture brand serves its customers through a network of brick-and-mortar interior design showrooms and an online sales platform. Around the world, a total of 120 showrooms are available.

50, 120,… these are quite large numbers, which are not surprising for a big player like VOX. But there is one key issue where the ideal solution is only a 3-letter word: efficient and timely communication with partners thanks to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

High-quality services ensure customer satisfaction

For the dynamically operating and constantly evolving VOX Capital Group, communication with customers from all over the world is key for the efficient provision of services. Therefore, at three companies owned by the Polish tycoon in the furniture industry, EDITEL PL, successfully introduced EDI communication services. Hence, a lot of technical aspects had – and still have – to be considered. EDITEL integrated a sophisticated Enterprise EDI application designed to feed numerous entities (GLN numbers) into VOX’s centralized SAP IT system. The solution comes with a powerful tracking portal as well as a secure longtime archive for electronic invoices. In order to ensure the highest level of data quality, EDITEL permanently validates incoming data according to certain rules, all covered by premium SLAs which is a must for internationally operating VOX retailers.

Comprehensive support from day 1

EDITEL believes in being there for its clients from the very beginning. Oftentimes, companies lack resources that would allow them to quickly and efficiently incorporate their business partners. EDITEL was in a perfect position to close this gap and guide VOX’s business partners through all stages of the process: getting in touch with them initially, performing all alignment processes on various data formats and communication protocols and last but not least the technical solution itself. Ultimately, the entire order-to-cash cycle was implemented using orders (ORDERS), dispatch advices (DESADV), invoices (INVOIC) and even the Polish version of correction invoices (CORINV).

What´s next?

VOX Capital Group and EDITEL PL have a long-standing business relationship of more than 14 years. Over time, the scope of collaboration constantly grew and as of today, EDITEL has connected more than 14 of VOX’s business partners across 5 countries. And yet, this is not the end of the story since VOX is planning to roll out EDITEL’s services to the white spots on their global EDI map. Undoubtedly, this is strong testimony to the existing trust in the long-lasting collaboration.

About the VOX Capital Group

VOX-LogoThe VOX Capital Group is made up of companies and brands from the interior design and home finishing industry. Its core is the VOX brand, which has a network of 170 stores in Poland and over 300 dedicated outlets abroad. The company’s portfolio includes unique and functional products and services for furnishing apartments and houses. In addition to furniture, the company also offers doors, floors, wall systems, and decorative articles. The many awards the company has received at international trade fairs and competitions, such as ”must have,“ “good design“ and the IF Design Award, speak for its unique product range.

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