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Seamless integration of data at Go Gastro & Catering

Seamless integration of data at Go Gastro & Catering

Procurement of goods without delays

At GO Gastro & Catering, an EDI solution integrated into the ERP system allows for easy and quick communication processes with business partners.

Quality, regional sourcing, responsibility, and sustainability are top priorities for GO Gastro & Catering, a company based in Upper Austria. An efficient solution for procurement of goods processes is a prerequisite for meeting these demands. First and foremost, communication processes with numerous regional suppliers need to be ensured and streamlined. GO Gastro & Catering has been using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for many years. According to Melanie Blazek, head of merchandise management and purchasing at GO Gastro & Catering, the company has “always been a trailblazer in the industry, especially when it comes to connecting a large number of small business partners.”

As GO Gastro & Catering switched to the ERP system Delegate, the company also added additional services from EDITEL, its EDI service provider of many years. Since early September 2020, GO Gastro & Catering has been using EDITEL’s conversion service for all communication processes with suppliers. According to Melanie Blazek, this “allows for even more secure and clean data integration.” Thanks to the seamless integration of data into the proprietary ERP system, GO Gastro & Catering significantly reduces manual resources needed for procurement of goods processes. The above-mentioned data include article master data (PRICAT), orders (ORDERS) and despatch advices (DESADV). Melanie Blazek also mentioned “significant time savings because in the past, we oftentimes had to contact specific suppliers whenever there were problems with PRICAT. All this is now a thing of the past,” she said. Ms. Blazek is especially pleased with the “good collaboration and close exchange with EDITEL” during the project. “It was especially helpful for me that EDITEL took all communication processes and preparation work with suppliers off my hands prior to the start of the project,” she said.

And since things are going so wonderfully well, GO Gastro & Catering is already planning to implement new EDI projects, e.g. the introduction of origin-related information on electronic despatch advices (DESADV) and a possible switch to electronic invoicing (INVOIC).

In Brief

  • Data interchange with all connected business partners via a single connection
  • Automated processing of all business information in the Delegate system
  • Efficient and straightforward exchange of article master data (PRICAT), orders (ORDERS) and despatch advices (DESADV).

About GO Gastro & Catering


Since 2020, GO Gastro & Catering, headquartered in Linz, has been delighting clients in the areas of corporate catering, catering, hotel catering as well as in its restaurants and the GO Wine Shop. Its main goal is to consistently strive for top-notch quality.

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