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Integrated EDI interface for Wanderhuhn

When chickens roam and move and data exchange runs via an integrated EDI interface

When chickens roam and move…

…they lay the very best eggs! A solid system is key to get these eggs to clients.

It’s quite impossible for chickens to have a happier life… this is the thought that immediately comes to mind when you take a look behind the scenes of ”Wanderhuhn“ (the company name translates as ”Roaming Chicken“) to see how their egg-laying hens are kept. They are so happy because they have mobile chicken coops specifically created for this purpose, which are regularly moved to a different location. That way, chickens always have a green meadow, which makes them peck away happily. In addition, there are other things that make hens happy. One example is that chicken flocks are smaller than normal: while 6,000 hens typically live in a free-range coop, at Wanderhuhn there are only 1,250.

Wanderhuhn’s goal is to make chickens happy, and there are several challenges that must be overcome to make this happen, specifically when it comes to logistics: this is mostly about registering eggs at the packing station as swiftly as possible and then dispatching them to retailers. After all, ”time is of the essence when it comes to selling eggs,“ said Franz Denk, Wanderhuhn’s managing director.

Integrated EDI interface for fully automated data exchange

Since April of this year, Wanderhuhn has been saving even more time thanks to the interaction between a cloud-based software solution by its ERP partner Winfo Data and an integrated EDI interface by EDITEL, which allows for fully automated data exchange. Orders (ORDERS) placed by SPAR are received as jobs in Wanderhuhn‘s ERP system and the process is fully automated. These orders are then filled without delay. In addition, invoices are also automatically sent to SPAR headquarters as electronic EDIFACT documents (INVOIC) and can then be processed without any manual entry. ”Other than saving us a lot of time, this ensures high process reliability with virtually zero transmission errors,“ said Franz Denk.

When asked about the implementation of this project, Mr. Denk highlights the ”easy and smooth processes.“ Just as an aside: the entire project was implemented during the lockdown caused by COVID-19. The successful project was a result of the tried-and-trusted collaboration between Winfo Data and EDITEL. Günter Winterstätter, managing director of Winfo Data GmbH, agrees: ”As an IT systems vendor, we believe in selecting business partners who can work well with our software developers. For us, EDITEL Austria is the number one choice when it comes to EDI interfaces for the automated data exchange between our clients and their business partners. The ‘Wanderhuhn‘ project is impressive testament to the benefits such a solution has for all involved partners,“ he said.

Wanderhuhn_LogoAbout Wanderhuhn GmbH

The core of the concept behind „Wanderhuhn GmbH“ founded in 2014 by Wolfgang Wallner, a pasta manufacturer, is a ”mobile chicken coop“ that is moved every eight days. That way chickens always have fresh grass for pecking and lay high-quality and exceptionally tasty eggs. A total of 17 farmers are under contract to use this system and deliver manually gathered and packaged eggs to Wanderhuhn‘s collection centers. These premium eggs are currently sold at SPAR and Billa Plus stores in Upper Austria.

Winfo_Data_LogoAbout Winfo Data GmbH

The IT systems vendor Winfo Data GmbH is headquartered at Braunau technology center and has been in business since 1988. The company is one of the oldest IT service providers in Austria. A total of 14 employees work on constantly improving the company‘s proprietary software products. In the past few years, approximately 400 clients in German-speaking countries have chosen to implement the modular ERP/CRM system ”Modern Office.“

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