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Smooth start for PEK Group with the help of EDI

Backery: Smooth start for PEK Group with the help of EDI

At the beginning of 2020, a new bakery group called PEK GROUP was established on the Czech market. The group’s establishment went hand in hand with the approval of the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition (UOHS) following the merger of Penam and United Bakeries. In June 2020, the Group was sold in accordance with UOHS-defined conditions. The new owner is PG Investment 2020 company owned by Tomáš Vaňek, the current CEO of PEK GROUP.

Since its establishment, PEK GROUP has served 3,500 customers via its six bakeries located in Brandýs nad Labem, Rumburk, Strakonice, Uherský Brod, Znojmo, and Šumperk in the Czech Republic. With approximately 700 million CZK in sales, the company is the number 2 or 3 on the Czech bakery market. PEK GROUP relies on experienced bakers, time-tested recipes, high-quality raw materials and products, in addition to reliable delivery services. The company strives for maximum customer and consumer satisfaction. PEK GROUP’s production quality was highlighted by the company’s success during its first-time participation in the traditional nationwide baking competition “BREAD OF THE YEAR,” were it entered 4 award-winning and 2 medal-winning products.

The company has always been managed in a way to ensure that the customer does not register any changes and basically notices just “a change in the identification number on the invoice.”

The project, among other things, included ensuring fully operational EDI communication with all current customers from the very beginning. As the EDI provider for both United Bakeries and Penam, EDITEL provided assistance and gradually launched a solution that runs on the outsourced integration platform. This allowed for the transfer of the vast majority of previous processes without significant changes to the IT infrastructure, which is key for every company. This ensured continuous EDI communication without major changes for customers, perhaps with the exception of the required registration of a new GLN. PEK GROUP thus successfully handled two demanding phases during its establishment and ownership change.

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