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EDITEL SK to become a certified partner of GS1 Slovakia

Databar in one hand - symbolic for a certified partner of GS1 Slovakia

Partner of GS1 Slovakia

EDITEL SK s.r.o. became one of the very first certified partners of the GS1 Slovakia association. GS1 certified partners guarantee its customers the correct implementation of GS1 global standards for automatic identification, collection, and sharing of data in the supply and demand chain.

EDITEL, as a certified partner, also meets the requirements of the GS1 Partner Program, which aims to develop and promote GS1 standards in the areas of EDI and others as part of the collaboration. Only certified companies that provide comprehensive solutions and who have worked on the national market for a sufficiently long time can apply for the status of certified partner. Thanks to this partnership, they can use the stellar GS1 support, which positively affects practical solutions implemented for clients.

Award: EDITEL SK become a certified partner of GS1 SlovakiaThe GS1 system is constantly evolving and improving. New possibilities are emerging, both in the traditional direction of automatic identification using barcodes and in areas related to the digital age – e.g., EDI, RFID technologies, traceability, blockchain, digital products, etc. Thanks to its certified partners, GS1 can evolve in these new areas. This collaboration also offers new opportunities to partners  regarding their own products and services.

The certification is valid locally within the Slovak Republic. Since similar activities are being developed in several countries in Europe, the local validity of this certification might be extended to cover other countries in the future.

GS1 certification guarantees

  • Professionalism, expertise and credibility of all partners
  • Correct implementation of GS1 standards

The GS1 system

GS1 has a globally standardized multidisciplinary system which is used mainly in the field of trade and logistics. The GS1 system is an integrated set of four basic standards that ensure accurate identification of products, equipment, services and trading companies, manufacturing companies, distribution centers, etc. The identification structures of the GS1 System are integrated into the system of electronic communication and master data management, thus helping to ensure the traceability of products, business and logistics units throughout the logistics chain.

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