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Just-in-time with EDI

Finger pointing at a digital car sign in meaning more EDI for TMMCZ

More EDI for TMMCZ

Maximum precision and considerable time pressure are the defining characteristics of sophisticated production chains in the automotive sector. It is therefore no surprise that one of the main processes in the industry is known as JIT: just in time. It revolves around the coordination of a complex network of international suppliers with the ultimate goal of having the required parts at the right place and at the right time. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) plays an important role in this process, even at one of the largest automotive manufacturers, TMMCZ. This company its registered office in the Czech Republic has decided to make its EDI state-of-the-art.

At the beginning of 2016, EDITEL won the tender as the new EDI provider for the automotive manufacturer, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic s.r.o. (TMMCZ).

The service range, the potential and the professional approach of EDITEL within the scope of the entire tender process, coupled with 30 years of experience in the implementation of EDI projects, have met and exceeded our expectations.

Aleš Höfner, General Manager

One of the first challenges for EDITEL in the cooperation with TMMCZ was the migration of data from the old EDI solution to the EDI service eXite® by EDITEL. An integral component of the migration process was the seamless onboarding of the suppliers and the set-up of a new Web EDI portal, specifically for TMMCZ suppliers. Thanks to the portal, costs were reduced and unnecessary effort due to data errors was eliminated along the production chain. The communication with suppliers and business partners of TMMCZ via EDI services (Electronic Data Interchange) of EDITEL functions smoothly and just-in-time (JIT). In addition to traditional EDI and logistics documents, forecasts and settlement documents are also exchanged.

EDI is an essential technology in the automotive industry, which will especially continue to evolve in the field of logistics, as well as inventory management. As an added benefit to this successful project, we were able to find out a great deal about PDF invoices from EDITEL. EDITEL will once again be our trusted partner.

Miloš Bareš, project team member at TMMCZ

In brief

  • Seamless migration of the old EDI solution into the new eXite® EDI system of EDITEL
  • Intensive communication and support with the onboarding of 250 suppliers
  • Increasing the quality and know-how transfer in customer support
  • Implemented message formats:


TMMCZ-logoThe automotive manufacturer TMMCZ (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic s.r.o.), headquartered in Kolín, is a joint venture between the Japanese company TMC and the French PSA Groupe. TMC, the world’s largest car manufacturer, and PSA Groupe, the European leader, signed a cooperation agreement in January 2002, and in February 2005 began production of the Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 108 and Citroën C1 city cars. Today, 2,400 employees are involved in the production of cars characterised by reliability and low consumption, and it is the third largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic. TMMCZ’s annual turnover is around 41 billion CZK.

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