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EDI in the world of engineering and foundry

výrobní hala pro automobilový průmysl společnosti MOTOR JIKOV ve významu EDI ve světě strojírenství a slévárenství

Transition to EDI at MOTOR JIKOV

In addition to development and machinery, MOTOR JIKOV Group a.s. also invests in the development of IT technologies, including EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). For its implementation the company chose an experienced specialist, EDITEL.

The main task was to eliminate the manual processing of customers call-off and switch to a fully automated exchange of EDI documents with the possibility of importing call-offs into the ERP system, exporting and sending delivery notes or invoices back to customers.

For us as a supplier to the automotive industry, the implementation of EDI was an inevitable step. Today, production processes in the automotive industry could basically not function without electronic data exchange. Just-in-time or just-in-sequence deliveries are highly dependent on properly functioning EDI. These are often required by customers in terms of stock in their own warehouses, emphasized Miroslav Dvořák, CEO of MOTOR JIKOV Group a.s.

To the companies of the MOTOR JIKOV Group holding company, EDI has brought not only the electronic processing of customer call-offs, their confirmation and subsequent invoicing, but also shipping labels, which are key for marking delivered goods and improving customer service.

Shipping labels are created based on information from incoming call-offs, so the goods are labeled exactly according to the customer’s needs. There is very positive for logistics-related complaints, where essentially no room for error exists, emphasized Jiří Slíva, Director of Strategic Business at MOTOR JIKOV Group a.s.

EDI implementation with EDITEL CZ proved to be easy and trouble-free. The technicians who carry out the implementation were helpful and reacted promptly, providing solutions without delay. The biggest challenge was the implementation of the first customer, which was the automotive company Scania, for which all communication-related details had to be adjusted. Even today, if there is a problem or a change request from the customer, MOTOR JIKOV is able to react immediately by modifying the system or the EDITEL by changing the mapping of communication messages. After that, adding more subscribers was a breeze.

About the company

Motor-Jikov-logoThe tradition of MOTOR JIKOV Group a.s. dates back to 1899. In more than a hundred years, it has gone through many stages of development, and today this purely Czech joint-stock company is the mother of four subsidiaries with an engineering and foundry focus. The mutual integration of the production programs of MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s., MOTOR JIKOV Slévárna a.s., MOTOR JIKOV Fostron a.s. and MOTOR JIKOV GREEN a.s. allows for the use of synergies and the achievement of globally competitive production efficiency and quality. The main business areas of the MOTOR JIKOV GROUP holding are foundry, machining, assembly and supporting processes (production of molds and single-purpose machines, hardening in a protective atmosphere, galvanic galvanizing, blackening, annealing, etc.) with a main focus on the automotive and consumer industries. The company’s major customers are global and multinational corporations in the automotive industry.

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