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EDI Services for ARGE TAM

Veterinary practice treats a dog - EDI Services for ARGE Tierarzneimittel

EDI services for a paw-tastic solution at ARGE TAM

The EDI service eXite is the platform of choice for the automated exchange of despatch advices between manufacturers of animal drugs and veterinarians.

Since 1 January 2019, veterinarians have been required to run their in-house pharmacies electronically. The objective of ARGE TAM was to find a standardized and cost-efficient solution for everyone in the animal drug industry including retailers, manufacturers, and resellers that would be accessible to everybody in the industry (veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies, and software providers for veterinarians). For the implementation of such a solution, ARGE TAM turned to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the professional support of EDITEL.

To find a straightforward yet efficient solution, ARGE TAM relied on the entire range of services provided by EDITEL: creating an industry standard with all stakeholders (manufacturers, software providers for veterinary clinics), using an independent and centralized exchange hub as well as the additionally needed technical services (data integration).

This solution allows pharmaceutical companies to automatically send electronic despatch advices to veterinary clinics in a standardized format, including all relevant information. It does not matter what systems the manufacturing partners and the veterinary clinics use. EDITEL ensures full compatibility among all participating partners across the entire industry. Arno Edlinger, the president of ARGE TAM, is positive that all partners benefit from this solution: “Veterinary clinics can incorporate product-relevant batch numbers or best-before dates at the click of a mouse, while it helps manufacturers comply with legal requirements more efficiently,” he said. Many manufacturers (including Boehringer-Ingelheim, MSD Animal Health, Virbac, Covetrus, Bayer, Jacoby GM Pharma) and veterinarians are already successfully using this solution, which is available for users of veterinary software products Jason Network, Proagrar, CHD Electronic Engineering, Net4vet, and VetShark.

In brief

  • Implementation of the legal requirement that came into effect on 1 January 2019 that required veterinarians to operate their in-house pharmacies electronically
  • Use of the EDITEL platform for comprehensive handling of electronic despatch advices for veterinary clinic’s electronic in-house pharmacies
  • Compilation of best practice examples for the entire industry (standardized despatch advices including batches, expiration dates, identifications)
  • ARGE TAM and EDITEL are the main points of contact for the rollout

About ARGE Tierarzneimittel

In 2003, retailers, manufacturers, and resellers in the Austrian animal drug industry teamed up to create the working group “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tierarzneimittel (ARGE TAM).” This was the first-ever joint platform for all businesses in this industry. The working group’s goal is to preserve the interests of its members in all industry-related issues. ARGE Tierarzneimittel places special emphasis on coordinating its public statements, bundling its consulting expertise, and giving joint responses to public authorities.

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