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Web EDI modernization at Futaba Czech

Futaba building

In order to keep up with the competition, Futaba Czech, s.r.o. also invests in the development of IT technologies, including EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), for the update and modernization of which the company turned to EDITEL, an experienced professional provider. The goal of the project was to modernize the current Web EDI solution for suppliers. By switching to the more modern, flexible and user-friendly Web EDI service provided by EDITEL CZ, Futaba’s suppliers will not only be able to download documents from Futuba’s portal as before , but they will also be able to make their own customizations , especially with regard to output formats for possible import into their own systems.

After the implementation of EDITEL’s Web EDI service, in which both EDITEL CZ and TELEDIN teams participated, Futaba Czech, s.r.o. is able to automatically publish FirmOrders, Manifests, Kanbans, Delivery Forecasts and V2V Orders on Web EDI for suppliers. Other extended options introduced by Futaba include trusted archiving, document pairing, mass printing of logistics documents, quick availability of reports and, last but not least, email notifications or the possibility of integration with the portal via API.

„Futaba’s perspective “

The new Web EDI solution brings us several benefits, ranging from better user comfort and new functional options that were not possible with the previous solution to security features. During the implementation, we had to deal with quite a few specific situations that occurred in our environment due to the connected systems, and EDITEL was able to cope with this as well and was able to not only design, but also implement a suitable functional solution.

In conclusion, we can say that the collaboration with EDITEL during the entire implementation of webEDI was excellent and highly beneficial for both parties. The key members of the implementation team were Tomáš Hanák (General Manager) for logistics and production planning as well as Martin Cveček (IT Manager) and Josef Pavelka (IT Specialist) for the IT department, who were in charge of the implementation on the technical side and beyond.

About the company

Futaba_LogoFutaba Czech, s.r.o. – founded in late 2002 with a registered capital of CZK 1,340 million, the company is a leading manufacturer of body parts, chassis and exhaust systems, supplying mainly customers such as TMMCZ (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech), TMMF (Toyota Motor Manufacturing France), MSC (Suzuki Hungary), JLR/Magna (Jaguar Land Rover/Magna Austria) and others. The production plant is located in Baštínov near Havlíčkov Brod on an area of 132,101 m2 and production space of 47,460 m2 andemploys approximately 1,000 people.

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