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Integration of EDI at Fellhof

Fellhof Showroom to symbolize the integration of EDI at Fellhof, a specialized Salzburg-based sheepskin retailer

Tradition meets innovation

Fellhof, a specialized Salzburg-based sheepskin retailer, reflects the innovative potential of traditional companies. The was exemplified in the successful integration of EDI into the in-house ERP system Sage 100.

A true passion for the product, a sense of tradition and an open mind for innovation: these are the values that guide Fellhof VertriebsGmbH, a business that over the years has evolved from a small general store to a renowned international corporation. When it comes to streamlining processes with its sales partners, the company, which is known for its high-quality sheepskin products, has always been highly innovative.

Since 2018, Fellhof has been exchanging invoices (INVOIC) electronically with a renowned Austrian furniture retailer using the EDI platform eXite by EDITEL. Earlier this year, a large international food retail corporation was added as a new sales partner, which required the company to expand its EDI operations to include orders (ORDERS) and despatch advices (DESADV). To reach an even higher degree of automation, this step was implemented along with the integration of Sage100, which is the ERP system used by Fellhof. This was made possible by a jointly designed EDI interface that allows for direct access to eXite.

Klaus Schaffer, Business Development Manager at EDITEL, commented on the project: “Everything happened smoothly and swiftly, which is mostly thanks to Business Software, our Sage partner, and the experience we gained from working with them,” he said.

Emre Özkan, the Fellhof systems administrator, is also very pleased with the result, especially about the “major time-saving potential.” “We have so many documents that entering them manually would be too much of a workload,” he said.


About Fellhof VertriebsGmbH


The history of Fellhof goes back to 1955, when it was a small general store in Hof near Salzburg that started selling animal skins. In 1988, Fellhof VertriebsGmbH was established and the company grew steadily. Fellhof’s range of products includes lambskin footmuffs for strollers as well as gloves, shoes, cowskin rugs, and traditional slippers. The introduction of an online shop in 2010 and the inauguration of the “Fellhof Einkaufswelt” store at the company’s headquarters in Hof earlier this year were important corporate milestones.



About Sage100

Available in Austria through Business Software GmbH, the ERP system Sage 100 is a great choice especially for small and medium-sized companies because it adapts to their needs. The software can either be used as a desktop version or via the cloud.

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