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New managing director at EDITEL Hungary Kft.

New managing director: László Légrádi and Tibor Sata, his predecessor

In June 2021, László Légrádi became the new managing director of EDITEL Hungary Kft. His predecessor, the former managing director Tibor Šata, is now in charge of international operations.

Mr. Šata has been working for the EDITEL Group since 2008. He has held various management positions over the past 13 years and since 2015 has been responsible for the company’s strategy and development as the director of international operations. “In recent years, EDITEL has built a strong position in Hungary, which we owe mostly to the professional Hungarian team, the excellent collaboration with our clients and, last but not least, to EDITEL’s large innovation potential,” he explained. “Mr. Légrádi is a highly experienced leader who has gained extensive experience during his career. I am very happy that he joined us and I wish him all the best in his new position.”

Mr. Légrádi welcomed the new task and the challenge involved. “This position appeals to me for several reasons. One is that I used to work for an American-style, multinational company (Iron Mountain), so I wanted to see what it is like to work in a more familiar, European environment. In addition, I always strive for continuous growth and I feel that EDITEL has all the conditions in place to achieve that. Also, I’ve always been attracted to IT, so I’m glad I now have the opportunity to explore this field.”

The new executive sees many opportunities and challenges for the future. His priorities include developing EDI activities and strengthening the company’s market position in Hungary. “I see great potential in the region. Technology will make everyone flock to digital platforms and the question is where EDITEL will come in. Our goal is to present the full range of our EDI solutions, which will ultimately strengthen our position as a digital service provider,” said Mr. Légrádi.

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