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EDI Services for Sodexo DACH

EDI solutions for catering and Facility Management

The situation

In Austria alone, Sodexo’s staff of more than 3,800 serves approximately 400,000 end clients, which involves a large number of different procurement of goods processes. In an effort to optimize its order processes for the procurement of goods, Sodexo Austria has been using Electronic Data Interchange (or EDI) in its catering division since 2010. Since then, 90% of all procurement of goods processes covering roughly 35 suppliers and 38 locations have been automated, which is reflected first and foremost in considerable savings regarding time and effort compared to previous manual and paper-based processes. After EDI services were successfully rolled out at Sodexo Austria, the German subsidiary of this catering company decided, in mid-2014, to rely on the EDI services provided by EDITEL. The order processes at more than 400 locations are now gradually being switched. As a next step, the company plans to add all Swiss locations. Since Sodexo is one of the largest providers of facility management services, it will eventually use EDI to optimize its processes in this area as well.

Efficient goods procurement via EDI

Procurement of goods processes at Sodexo rely on the exchange of article master data which is done by accessing the electronic price catalogue (PRICAT). This makes manual article maintenance obsolete because thanks to EDI, PRICAT is updated automatically, meaning that any product-related changes such as prices or information about discontinued items are available in real time. In addition, all information relevant for the EU food information regulation such as allergens, nutritional values etc. is exchanged and updated via PRICAT. This gives Sodexo access to the latest allergen-related data needed for its meals, which can be highly efficient when using alternate articles, to name just one example. All article master data (PRICAT), orders (ORDERS) and despatch advices are exchanged via eXite®, the EDI platform by EDITEL. This translates into high data quality and transparency in all steps of the procurement of goods process while saving time and resources. As a next step, Sodexo will implement an electronic credit memo procedure.

Building managers no longer need to manually process despatch advices and the credit memo procedure give us the option of avoiding invoice booking at our locations altogether. Susanne Sperlich Direktorin Einkauf DIAICH.

New paths in Facility Management

In addition to relying on traditional EDI data transfer to support order processes, Sodexo is now also optimizing and digitizing facility management processes. One example is transferring links for displaying pictures for an article in question. This is currently being implemented at Sodexo. An additional step will be embedding links for direct access to warnings and instructions for the use of cleaning products. Data for all cleaning devices, chemical products and other equipment will be transferred. The accuracy of such data is a decisive element when it comes to ensuring that products are used correctly by staff members and to avoiding widespread damage or even health hazards.

Benefits thanks to EDI at Sodexo

  • Correct and updated article master data
  • Automated sending of LMIV relevant data
  • Optimization of the entire goods procurement
  • Centralized management
  • Easy connection of additional business partners, also on international level
  • Support & Consulting before, after and during roll out by EDITEL
  • Use of EDI platform eXite® for individual solutions for the facility management

About Sodexo

Sodexo Group employs 16,700 in the DIAICH region. Every day, employees provide customized quality of life services to 430,000 users in 1,900 businesses ranging from corporations, public agencies, schools, kindergartens and hospitals to senior citizen facilities. The unique range of services includes on-site services, benefits and reward services and personal and home services. Sodexo’s services include, among others, reception, security, maintenance and cleaning services, catering, facility management, restaurant vouchers and gift certificates as well as gas vouchers for staff members, support services in people’s homes and concierge services.

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