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EDI invoices for ISS Facility Services

The situation

Before the implementation of electronic invoicing processes, ISS received more than 3,000 invoices via mail or fax every month. They had to be checked and processed manually. The corporate structure consisting of several subsidiaries and partners and ultimately receivers of invoices further increased the potential for errors in manual processing. This tied up a lot of human resources and time and increased the workload. To address this issue, ISS was looking to automate invoice processing and to introduce centralized invoice processing.

The introduction of electronic invoicing processes has made all our invoicing processes faster, more efficient and more reliable. Our accounting workload has decreased by approximately half a workweek. The experts at EDITEL were great to work with during the implementation and connection with all business partners and ensured smooth project implementation. Harald Denk, director of IT.

The solution

e-Invoice via EDI turned out to be just the solution ISS needed for the smooth automation of its invoicing processes. The connection to the EDI platform eXite® also ensures that electronic invoices among all business partners will be exchanged safely and in a transparent manner via a single connection.

Now that invoicing processes have been improved in the long run, incoming invoices can be converted and processed automatically. Any irregularities will be detected immediately and can be corrected and the overall efficiency of the invoice reviewing process will increase significantly. In addition to the elimination of manual processing and the associated error potential, suppliers will also benefit from this major improvement, mostly from reliable payment processes.

Benefits thanks to EDI at ISS

  • Automated invoicing processes
  • Faster invoice processing
  • A single interface for all business partners
  • Reduces the amount of paper and the overall workload

About ISS Facility Services

ISS Facility Services offers its services throughout Austria and has 12 subsidiaries and a total of 7,500 employees, which makes it one of Austria’s largest employers. Sales in 2014 reached 211 million euro. Worldwide, ISS employs 510,000 in more than 50 countries and in 2014 had overall sales of 10 billion euro.

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