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The situation

In 2016, LEIFHEIT CZ a.s. was looking for a solution for the transition of its local ERP system to the central SAP system in Germany. The company used a traditional local EDI solution with its business partners. The transition process to SAP was to include a new solution for EDI communication with purchasers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as a change regarding the logistics network. However, products were to remain in the current system for selling and purchasing. Since the product side required smooth communication with SAP and the current local EDI solution, the company decided to rely on the EDI services by EDITEL. The collaboration between the central EDI team at LEIFHEIT and highly knowledgeable experts at EDITEL CZ was key to addressing the specific requirements in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our specific requirements for EDI communication and integration relating to the transition to a central SAP system were solved in no time. Thanks to the collaboration between EDI experts at our central EDI unit and EDITEL CZ consultants with a deep understanding of the local Czech and Slovak environment, the transition had no negative impact for our EDI partners. Tomáš Mandík, finance director at LEIFHEIT CZ.

The solution

EDI Integration and Digital Archiving were considered the perfect combination to meet LEIFHEIT‘s requirements during the transition to SAP. EDI Integration takes care of converting EDI messages, while the unified EDI subset can be used for communication with SAP and the central EDI solution. All messages are tailored to suit the requirements of participating business partners. This approach, which was part of the collaboration between EDI experts at LEIFHEIT’s central EDI unit and specialists from EDITEL CZ, allowed us to take into account country-specific requirements in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as the redirection of the product side to the current EDI solution. The exchange of all supported EDI messages, e.g. ORDERS, DESADV and INVOIC, was initiated with all participating business partners. INVOIC messages are signed with an electronic signature.

The combination with the Archiving solution by EDITEL was used to implement paperless e-Invoices, with an additional business monitoring and reporting function that evaluates confirmation messages received from the e-invoicing process, which are not transmitted in the SAP system and can easily be monitored by LEIFHEIT CZ employees via a web interface.

Benefits thanks to EDI at LEIFHEIT

  • Connection to the SAP system operated abroad
  • Implementation of an EDI solution combined with a central gateway based abroad adapted to local requirements
  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces the level of potential errors (no manual entries needed)
  • Reduces the level of potential errors (no manual entries needed)
  • Archive and support for paperless e-Invoices


LEIFHEIT has been one of the main manufacturers of household articles in Europe for the last 55 years. LEIFHEIT Group employs approximately 1,000 people. The company’s headquarters and management are based in Nassau/Lahn, Germany. The company exports its products to 80 countries around the world. LEIFHEIT has five logistics and production sites in Germany, France and the Czech Republic.LEIFHEIT‘s core markets are located in Central and Eastern Europe, followed by the United States and Asia. LEIFHEIT brand products have been available on the Czech market since 1999 and the company LEIFHEIT CZ a.s. has been doing business as LEIFHEIT, Soehnle and Spirella brand retailer on the Czech and Slovak markets since 2008. LEIFHEIT CZ a.s. is a subsidiary of the German parent company LEIFHEIT AG headquartered in Nassau.

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