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Automated processes all around, from orders to archives

The last challenge regarding full automation in the procurement of goods procedure at Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, a part of Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group (FMTG), was to make invoices audit-proof. With the support of EDITEL, this challenge was successfully tackled and implemented. Falkensteiner recently started saving all invoices in its digital archive. What makes this approach unique is that not only invoices in EDIFACT format can be saved, but all other invoices from the ERP system as well. The latter are automatically exported to the archive in PDF format.

The successful introduction of the archive was the last step to achieve full EDI communication at Falkensteiner. Stefan Unterlader, Director of Group Purchasing IMS&POS Systems at FMTG, is convinced that “the digital archiving solution beautifully complements our electronic processes because it allows us to store our invoices as legally required while saving space and resources.” Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences was also very pleased with the project implementation. In the words of Herbert Schöfbänker, Director of IT: “The support we received from our EDI partner EDITEL and the technical incorporation of the archive were stellar!” Higher efficiency and transparency via EDI have always made the difference for Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group (FMTG) in the company’s process-optimized order processing with suppliers.

With eXite by EDITEL, FMTG now has the ideal solution that allows them to reach all suppliers via a single interface. Between 120 and 130 suppliers are currently connected and they exchange product master data (PRICAT), despatch advices (DESADV) and, since early this year, invoices (INVOIC) as well. The archive was the missing link at FMTG to achieve full digital communication in its procurement of goods procedure.

In brief

  • Introduction of an invoice archive at Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences
  • Audit-proof, space- and resource-saving storage of invoice documents
  • Any data format can be archived
  • Data integrity
  • All documents relevant for business can be found immediately
  • Achieves full EDI communication in procurement of goods processes

About FMTG

Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group (FMTG) is one of the leading regional providers and developers of tourism products and services in central Europe. FMTG mostly works in the area of tourism development, which includes planning and building hotels, residences, serviced apartments and mixed-use buildings as well as their operational management and related sales activities.

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