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A winning proposition thanks to EDI-supported Supply Chain Finance

EDITEL and Intermarket Bank AG, a specialized subsidiary of Erste Group and Sparkassen focused on Supply Chain Finance, have signed a collaboration agreement to offer a new and attractive approach to factoring. It is an ideal solution called “e-discounting”, which helps make invoicing processes, including Supply Chain Finance, fully automatic and more efficient.

The most important benefit of e-discounting is the perfect combination of two worlds in an existing electronic solution: the electronic transfer of invoices in EDI format and the immediate conversion of accounts receivable into liquidity. Patrick Götz, Sales Board Member of Intermarket

“Electronic invoices will save businesses time and money and will also considerably increase transparency in corporate supply chains”, added Peter Franzmair, Managing Director of EDITEL.


  • Improved liquidity, better balance sheet image
  • More efficient invoicing and accounting
  • Reduces mistakes and costs less time and money
  • Increased transparency and control
  • Outstanding invoices will be paid immediately
  • Higher equity ratio
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