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The formula for success at VeggieMeat

meatless product from VeggieMeat: theis success relies on EDI

Meatless and paperless at VeggieMeat

No meat + no paper = no problem: this is the formula for success at VeggieMeat GmbH, a company that relies on paperless communication via EDI for the distribution of its innovative meat substitutes.

Meat made of peas? Is that even possible? It is, and this is the recipe for success at VeggieMeat GmbH. Under the brand name “vegini,” the company has been selling innovative meat and fish substitutes made of pea protein since 2015.

Sustainability and the responsible use of resources are VeggieMeat’s priorities for the production of its 100% natural and vegan products, says Andreas Gebhart, the CEO, who used to manage his parents’ butcher shop. When working with retailers and business partners, VeggieMeat also uses a responsible and resource-friendly approach. “Easy and transparent processes are key for us”, Mr. Gebhart pointed out. Last year, the company headquartered in Lower Austria quite fittingly received the “GS1 Sync Star Award” for its exemplary use of data.

When it comes to exchanging data, VeggieMeat has a similar mindset: since early 2022, the company has been relying on EDI for the fully automated processing of orders (ORDERS), dispatch advices (DESADV), and invoices (INVOIC). This was made possible by an EDITEL-provided solution that was integrated directly into the BMD ERP system to ensure smooth communication processes with retailers. According to Tanja Wippl, who is responsible for accounting and reporting at VeggieMeat, the project implemention was smooth:

“The interplay between EDITEL, BDM, and us was just perfect!”

What Ms. Wippl found particularly helpful was “the long-standing experience and great contacts between EDITEL and SPAR”. The latter was also the first retail partner with whom EDI operations were successfully introduced last year. The client is highly satisfied with the result: “While we used to enter orders manually, this is now a fully automated process. The time saving is huge,” said Tanja Wippl. Andreas Gebhart agrees, stating that he is “positive that we have taken an important and correct step towards the way we want to work in the future.”


About VeggieMeat GmbH

vegini logo VeggieMeatEstablished in St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde in Lower Austria in 2015, the company produces innovative meat and fish substitutes from pea protein. Products are sold in several European countries under the brand name vegini. Production processes were specifically developed to allow VeggieMeat to offer products without preservatives and flavor enhancers that consumers love for their meatlike texture, high protein content, and flexible use.

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