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EDI at Szegedi Paprika ZRt.

Close-up of red pepers to symolize the EDI services at Szegedi Paprika ZRt.

The recipe for successful communication

Szegedi Paprika ZRt. works heart and soul to combine traditions with new solutions. While the company is on a constant quest for new flavors, it does not leave business communication to chance. EDITEL‘s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions put the company in a position to process orders quickly and error-free, to the greatest satisfaction of its business partners.

It’s all about the ingredients

In addition to the production of allspice and traditional canned food, Szegedi Paprika ZRt. manufactures premium quality goose and duck liver products. The company is also fully committed to meeting customer specifications. As their company policy says, ”Increase consumer satisfaction and sales volume through continuous market research and the introduction of new products.“ To be able to deliver products in the right quantity and at the time needed by clients, the company had previously used a web-based EDI solution that allowed it to exchange data electronically with its partners easily and from anywhere via an internet connection. In view of the company’s growth and the increasing number of partners, a more modern, integrated solution was needed. This is where EDITEL came in as a possible EDI service provider.

Cooking instructions

The decision was facilitated by the fact that the other members of the group were already using the EDITEL solution, which meant that they knew how good and reliable the products are and what it is like to work with EDITEL. Thus, after the final quote was received, the choice fell on EDITEL. Since the primary goal was to reduce time and effort required for manual order processing, Szegedi Paprika ZRt. decided to implement EDI communication and digital archiving services.

Unexpected obstacles

Fortunately, the necessary technical environment was already in place, which meant that the introduction of the new solution did not require any changes at the system level. From the very start of the project, the company was able to capitalize on its previous experience from using Web EDI. The biggest technical challenge was for the existing ERP system to work seamlessly with EDI. This task was beautifully mastered by the hard-working EDITEL team.

The final result: EDI services at Szegedi Paprika

Thanks to the introduction of the new solution, communication processes became faster and more efficient, and this did not go unnoticed by users. “Our co-workers had become used to handling the previous system, so they were understandably somewhat skeptical of the new solution. However, they soon came around when they saw the benefits of EDITEL’s system, so at the end of the day, everybody was happy,” said Lászlóné Kovács, a senior IT expert at Szegedi Paprika ZRt. Thanks to the efficient collaboration with EDITEL, the project was completed on time, which was especially appreciated by the business partners of Szegedi Paprika ZRt. The company’s management’s decision to introduce EDI communication was a very wise one. After all, just as for the company’s products, three things are key: high-quality ingredients, a good recipe, and the right team of people to prepare the very best solution.


A Szegedi Paprika ZRt.-ről

Szegedi Paprika ZRt., which employs roughly 300 people, is the largest producer of canned meat in Hungary. Its main business line is the production of canned food and meat as well as the production and distribution of ground paprika. The canning business accounts for most of the company’s annual sales, which exceed HUF 6 billion. In addition to ready-to-eat meals, their product range includes sandwich sauces, meat pies, and minced meat as well as hot peppers and other condiments. The company’s goose liver products and ground pepper from Szeged have received the Hungarikum certification. The products of Szegedi Paprika ZRt. are distributed domestically by all multinational and domestic retailers. The company also has significant export activities to neighboring countries.

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