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EDI trends, success driver in business

Digital networking of business areas symbolic of trends in the EDI sector

Quo vEDIs – emerging trends in EDI

More than 20,000 companies are already connected to the EDI service eXite. Users appreciate this service’s high availability and its continuous evolvement. Some noteworthy EDI trends are on the horizon.

Connecting pre-suppliers

More than 400 million transactions per year are impressive testimony to the fact that the EDI service eXite is well positioned for the future. More and more areas of application are added to the service on a continuous basis. One of the emerging EDI trends is to connect pre-suppliers as well, which ensures consistent data quality through the production and delivery chain. This ultimately benefits everybody involved. EDI makes the entire Order2Cash process for all involved business partners fully digital, from electronically received orders all the way to invoicing. As a result, manual processes and the related room for mistakes become either completely obsolete or are reduced to a minimum. Integrated Web EDI portals offer great options for SMEs to explore this digital world.

Automated master data matchup

Another increasingly important issue is automated master data matchup between business partners. This is a must for successful and accurate data exchange and can easily be done using the GDSN-certified data pool GS1 Sync. All article-related information (name, weight, etc.) can be made available to all trading partners. In addition, all information can be updated on a permanent basis. It is plain to see that issues related to origin and traceability will play an even bigger role in the future and that these are very hard to implement without digital assistance.

Connections to public authorities and organizations

Last but not least, public authorities are also important drivers of digitalization. This extends beyond the obligation for suppliers who work for Austrian federal agencies to submit their invoices electronically. eXite has been offering numerous connections to public authorities and organizations (Federal Computing Center BRZ, Ministry of Finance BMF, Financial Supervisory Authority FMA, Federal Procurement Agency BBG, Statistics Austria, Austrian Health Insurance, etc.) and the number is growing. Via EDITEL’s data hub, European manufacturers of medical products can even be connected to the American approval authority FDA. Similar ideas to digitalize the healthcare industry exist in Europe.

In the future, the relevance of such special connections, both in terms of communication channel and data format, is expected to increase even further. After all, many companies would love to have the convenience of a single connection that allows them to reach both their clients and business partners in the private economy and public authorities. EDITEL caters to this need and acts as a full-service EDI provider.

Blockchain technology for the digitalization of consignment notes

In this age and time, it is imperative for everybody to evolve on a constant basis. This includes teaming up with business partners to check the practical application of new technologies. One such example is EDITEL’s participation in the “Blockchain Initiative Logistik” (together with EY, LKW Walter, DB Schenker, Vienna University of Economics and Business, BVL, GS1 Austria).

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