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Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.

The situation

Since 1974, Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (Mensen) has been operating restaurants and cafés at universities, universities of applied science and schools throughout Austria. In an effort to provide the very best supply processes, the company has relied on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for its procurement of goods for many years. It exchanges electronic article master data (PRICAT), orders (ORDERS) and despatch advices (DESADV) with many of its business partners.

Challenges at SMEs

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for fresh food, Mensen has decided to connect with several small producers as well as wholesellers who do not have their own EDI infrastructure. What needs to be taken into account is a constantly changing selection and weekly price changes. Previously, the price catalogues required for this purpose were sent via e-mail and the information was entered manually in a time-consuming process. The challenge was to find an EDI solution that would efficiently manage data for Mensen and be cost-effective for producers and wholesellers without requiring any complex technical infrastructure.

EDITEL’s EDI services help us adapt our procurement of goods processes specifically to our needs. We can now process our orders as needed and all steps are traceable. Ultimately, this improves our working relationship with our business partners!

Friedrich Schober, Prokurist, director procurement & logistics

The solution: tradeIT

EDITEL’s Web EDI solution tradeIT is the perfect solution. It’s a cost-efficient online portal that Mensen’s business partners can use via the internet. It’s straightforward and does not require users to install anything.

The result: EDI-supported processes

Producers and wholesellers now enter article master data (PRICAT) directly into tradeIT and the information is automatically sent to Mensen once a week. Mensen itself also uses tradeIT to send orders (ORDERS) to its business partners. The associated notification function makes managing these orders much easier. Thanks to tradeIT, business partners of Mensen can create electronic despatch advices (DESADV) with very little effort, which makes logging and tracing ordered products a breeze.

In short: EDI at Österreichische Mensen

  • EDITEL Services for Mensen
    • EDI Communication via eXite®
      • Implemented processes:
        • PRICAT (article master data)
        • ORDERS (orders)
        • DESADV (despatch advices)
    • Web EDI portal tradeIT for business partners of Mensen
  • Benefits thanks to EDI at Mensen
    • Efficient and traceable order processing
    • Updated article master data
    • Cost-efficient online EDI solution tradeIT for small business partners
    • Comprehensive support for tradeIT clients provided by EDITEL

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