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EDI Rollout for dm drogerie markt

International responsibility

dm drogerie markt is a very experienced user of EDI in the area of consumer goods. The company exchanges electronic orders (ORDERS), despatch advices (DESADV), invoices (INVOIC) as well as inventory reports (INVRPT) with more than 500 business partners in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria and other countries. This ensures that 14,000 drugstore items are always available on the shelves of stores in 12 coun-tries.

One of the major advantages of eXite® is that we only need a single connection to manage all our EDI communication processes with our suppliers and/or partners. To us, EDITEL is a true partner who takes care of all things EDI, whether it’s questions regarding EDI connectivi-ty, onboarding support for our suppliers or assistance in the area of business process standardization. Robert Katstaller, ISM user service

A partnership based on trust

The long-standing collaboration between dm drogerie markt and EDITEL revolves around the international EDI hub eXite®. For more than 15 years, dm has relied on this highly reliable infrastructure and benefits from the international reach of eXite®, just like 15,000 other companies. Together, they send more than 300 million transactions to their international business partners via eXite®. Security and traceability are always key.

Customized solutions for companies of any size

dm’s comprehensive range of products means that the company works with a large number of suppliers and their different needs. EDITEL’s portfolio includes customized EDI solutions adapted to the needs to large corporations or SMEs. The latter rely on tradeIT, an online EDI portal by EDITEL, which allows small suppliers to conveniently send and receive electronic order and invoicing information via the internet. No special IT infrastructure is required and connecting other companies to dm’s EDI network is a breeze.

Benefits thanks to EDI at dm drogerie markt

  • Optimized merchandise logistics across borders
  • A single connection for all business partners
  • Easy to connect for national and international partners
  • Maximum security and traceability for all business data
  • Customized assistance and support for roll-out projects and EDI initiatives provided by EDITEL

About dm drogerie markt

dm drogerie markt is one of the largest drugstore retailers in central and Eastern Europe, with a total of 380 locations in Austria and 1,033 in the entire CEE region. The company’s head-quarters are located in Salzburg and serve as a hub for operations in Austria and expansion towards countries in central and Southeastern Europe. The product selection at dm includes beauty and health products, baby articles, photo services, household articles as well as addi-tional items such as pet food, hosiery and seasonal products.

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