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Open-house event at “Brahmsplatz data hub”

EDITEL, GS1 Austria LMW and ECR opened their doors to grant interesting and entertaining insight into the world of data.

Vienna, 3 October 2019. EDITEL, GS1 Austria LMW and ECR, collectively the “Brahmsplatz data hub,” hosted an open-house event on 3 October 2019 at their offices. According to EDITEL’s CEO Gerd Marlovits, the primary objective of this event was “to give our clients a comprehensive and practical overview of our range of services, in a relaxed setting.” At its “data hub,” EDITEL mostly focuses on data exchange and integration.

In addition to providing detailed information about their products and services for different industries, the hosts made sure that there was plenty of entertainment and refreshments. Among others, visitors could test their subject-matter expertise by trying the “supply chain quiz,” enjoy a virtual ride at the “VR race station” or get a creative portrait from a digital caricaturist. Culinary delights included traditional café food, a dedicated beer lounge and a sausage stand with fully traceable “Sacher” sausages.

Attendees thoroughly enjoyed all activities and had many hours of great fun. Daniel Schuster, head of e-purchasing/B2B projects at SPAR, enjoyed the event:

“EDI is all about interconnecting, and this was palpable at all stages of the event,” he said. Sabine Puwein from Almdudler Limonade agreed: “It was a great event! The activities were fantastic and it was great fun to exchange ideas and experiences with other industry representatives.”

EDITEL is delighted to provide its clients with comprehensive EDI solutions for smooth supply chain processes and a year-long “always open” policy.

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