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Beiersdorf CEE

The company

Beiersdorf CEE Holding includes 15 markets managed from the headquarters in Vienna/Austria: Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia/Bosnia, Serbia/Kosovo/Montenegro, Rumania/Moldavia, Bulgaria/Macedonia/Albania. Beiersdorf CEE is one of the leading companies in the sector of skin- and bodycare. With brands like NIVEA, Labello and Eucerin it covers a leading position in the Central and Eastern European markets.

The challenge

With the increasing internationalization of the Beiersdorf CEE corporate group the fast connection of trading partners in Central and Eastern Europe was a crucial prerequisite for the efficient handling of the reprocurement of goods. The objective: a centralized and at the same time flexible infrastructure which covers regional requirements as well as the fast and seamless connection of new partners.

The processing of the entire data traffic via eXite® is very important for us as well as the seamless connection of new EDI relations. One connection - on technical and contractual level - simplifies our objective to further increase the use of EDI.

Helmut Oizinger, Supply Chain Expert

The solution

The eXite® Business Integration Network enables Beiersdorf to reach all trading partners with one connection and easily connect new partners. Thus Beiersdorf is not only compliant with all regional requirements, it also benefits from a CEEwide resource-saving infrastructure to handle the most important processes of the supply chain such as orders, delivery and invoicing with all trading partners.

The outcome

Thanks to this cost-saving infrastructure Beiersdorf CEE created an efficient Supply Chain Management in Vienna. The EDI competence center for the central coordination is located in Hamburg / Germany. It is connected to the eXite® Business Integration Network, central platform which processes the entire data traffic with the trading partners. Via eXite® Beiersdorf exchanges business data with companies like REWE, SPAR, Metro, Tesco, dmdrogeriemakrt as well as logistic providers.

The connection of new trading partners is easy and seamless. Through a network of subsidiaries and franchise partners eXite® is available in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe.

In short: EDI at Beiersdorf

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