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Audit-proof invoicing with PDF e-Invoice

PDF invoices are an especially attractive option for businesses that issue large numbers of invoices to many small clients. In traditional invoicing, printing, envelope stuffing and posting invoices requires a lot of effort and is a process prone to mistakes. In addition, it costs money and causes processing delays. The PDF e-Invoice solution by EDITEL significantly reduces these costs. Customized PDF documents are generated from data exported from invoice data in the company’s ERP system.

PDF invoices are then sent to the invoice recipient via e-mail or can be downloaded from an online portal by clicking a secure link. PDF invoice documents are exchanged via eXite®, the EDI platform by EDITEL. If a business already has a connection to eXite®, the existing interface can be used. In addition, country-specific requirements, such as electronic signature, will automatically be taken into account.

Additional useful functionalities including time stamps, reminder management and a number of analyses that ensure that the invoicing process is safe. In addition, audit-proof archiving of invoice data in EDITEL’s archive is available. The Hungarian subsidiary of the Dutch corporation FrieslandCampina also successfully implemented PDF e-Invoice last year when an order portal was created by EDITEL.

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