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Be my Valentine: 5 “love letters” to EDI

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They say that “we are good at the things we enjoy doing”. On the occasion of the upcoming Valentine’s Day on 14 February 2021, we asked around and talked to our colleagues. The question we asked them was what they particularly enjoy about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of business documents and generally about their work at EDITEL. We ended up with 5 “love letters” to EDI.

I “love” EDI because…

Portrait Anja Jung EDITEL Austria

“…EDI makes every day work substantially easier for many people. With each and every story we write for EDITEL, I realize how many different ways of using this technology exist, regardless of the type of company or industry.”

 Anja Jung, Editor Corporate Communication

Portrait Florian Berger EDITEL Austria

“…EDI closely connects companies while saving valuable resources or freeing them up for other tasks. Without EDI, the high level of merchandise availability, traceability, and the large range of products we have come to expect would simply not be feasible.”

 Florian Berger, Senior Sales Consultant

Portrait Susanne Gaugl EDITEL Austria

“EDI standards connect companies around the world. Important data for everyday business processes are exchanged swiftly and in a fully automated manner. This saves money and paper and helps avoid data entry errors.”

Susanne Gaugl, Project Assistant EDI

Portrait Adrienn Horvath EDITEL Austria

“EDI to me is more than just a process, it is a tool that makes our lives more sustainable and also easier. Protecting the environment is something I care about deeply in my personal life as well. E-invoices can help save several billions of sheets of paper per year. Ultimately, EDI is an excellent option for creating and maintaining a safe and better business environment.”

Adrienn Horváth, Marketing Assistant

Portrait Petra Angst EDITEL Austria

“…EDI requires a large amount of expertise in different fields. In my liaison position at EDITEL’s customer service, I interact with many different personalities and handle a large range of issues. I like the variety my job offers and I learn from my colleagues each and every day. And we always have fun in the process.”

Petra Angst, Admin & Customer Service

Just like our colleagues would not want to do without Electronic Data Interchange, the same is true for our happy clients of many years. If you would also like to benefit from the myriad benefits of this trusted technology, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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EDITEL, an EDI service provider, is the internationally leading provider of EDI solutions (EDI = Electronic Data Interchange). The company specializes in the optimization of supply chain processes for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Portrait photo copyright Editel/Petra Spiola
Symbolic images copyright Editel/Himmelhoch

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