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Digital Archiving without borders

The Slovak confectionary producer IDC needed a new solution for digital archiving, given the large number of legal requirements regarding the archiving of electronic documents as well as the company’s intention of archiving the many different formats it receives from business partners in all countries where is IDC active. Since 2007, IDC has used EDI services provided by EDITEL and has now decided to rely on EDITEL’s expertise in the area of digital archiving.

Martin Miškolci, EDI Application Manager at IDC, comments on the project: “The biggest challenge about this project was taking into account the large number of different processes which result from our many different business partners in different countries. EDITEL helped us a big deal, especially with in-depth preparation and consistent implementation. “ The archiving solution implemented by EDITEL meets all these requirements and also allows IDC to archive documents in various formats such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX and JPEG in all countries where IDC does business. The additional EDITEL Business Monitoring Service option chosen by IDC provides comprehensive information about each specific transaction, from orders and delivery notes all the way to invoices. More tools for adapting and analyzing invoices as well as archiving documents are available to help optimize the whole communication process.

In brief

  • EDI Communication at IDC currently involves more than 50 business partners in four different countries (Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary)
  • Country-specific requirements as well as a large number of different formats called for a new digital archiving solution
  • The EDITEL Archiving Solution allows IDC to archive EDI documents and can also handle all other formats, including PDF, DOCX, XLS and JPEG
  • The EDITEL Business Monitoring tool monitors all processes and makes them traceable
  • Full legal compliance archived documents
  • User interface and technical support available in different languages

About IDC

IDC is the largest producer of confectionery and pastry products in Slovakia with an annual production of 32 000 tons of products and annual sales of €104 million. The company looks back on a 100 year old tradition in the production of confectionary products at its factory in Figaro Trnava and 60 year old tradition in the production of wafer products at its factory in Pečivárne Sered in Slovakia. IDC has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

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